CISCO by far is the most tedious networking company in the world and they have been offering their respective courses in networking, cloud computing and other subsidiaries of connectivity related systems. Even in 2020 you can expect a series of changes and or new information coming on various certifications offered by CISCO. The bottom line is that you would have to be extremely sincere and willing to learn new things especially for the upgradation of your current understanding of IT based systems to pursue these certifications.

According to a survey, in 2020 the cyber security related problems would take the internet, IT based companies and web systems by threat and would continue to cause havoc. On the other hand, if you want to secure yourself a safe and confident future then you must consider undertaking a CISCO related certification for yourself. Here are top 5 CISCO certifications that you should consider in 2020;

  1. CCNP security

CCNP security certification is the best ever certification for the professionals who want to indulge in the security related jobs and professional systems. First of all acquiring this certification would help you to understand various security related systems that are already implemented over various websites.

Apart from all that you would learn about the security systems such as firewalls, user blocking or access mechanisms and installation of security metrics to keep your networking systems smooth, up and running at all times. Simply having this certification would verify yourself as a network implementation expert who also qualifies in having dedicated security related info and proper knowledge on various networking resources.

  1. CCIE routing and switching

CCIE routing and switching refers to the CISCO certified internetwork expert who has all the dedicated knowledge on how the routing and switching systems within a networking system work. These are two devices that help you to connect with your network and talk to each other as well as talking to the other operators or networking channels online. One might fuzz all the detail and get complications in understanding the both terms as they gravely appear the same but they aren’t.

 Having this certification would validate that you are in fact an expert who have a deep understanding for the development of various interlinking channels directed from the main networking channel of the company and elongate or extend to be used by various personnel. These systems should be carefully crafted and programmed as to deliver the same security satisfaction as the parent networking systems and this is where your duties as an CCIE expert are put to the use.

  1. CISCO Icnd2

Interconnecting CISCO networking devices part 2 is a broad certification that tests the capabilities of the individual to work with any and all extensions of the networking systems. This brings into the question for the professional to have a deep understanding of WAN technologies, LAN switching and its firewall integrations and the working principle of the IPV6 and IPV4 systems. If you don’t have all the tools and understanding through which you can prove your eligibility to pass the examination then it is recommended that you first train yourself a little using varies online bootcamps available for you to choose from.

This course would literally help you to score a high paying job within the IT realm as it is an expert level certification. You will learn to install, configure, operate, manage and troubleshoot a small enterprise related network and also learn a great deal about all the tiny elements involved in the routing and switching systems. On the other hand it is recommended for the sake of refreshing the dedicated learning skills that you first undertake or at least prepare the Icnd1 certification to get started.

As a plus point the professional would also get their hands on the QoS which is quality of service systems. Also, consider getting training from QuickStartforCISCO SDN which is software defined network supported architectures.

  1. CISCO certified DevNet specialist

It doesn’t matter what type of software developer, engineer or DevOps coordinator you are as undertaking this course would specifically help you to land a decent job within the IT industry. It would help you to open up various doors of opportunities within the application design, software development and automation fields. One of the most cherishing aspect of this certification is that you would end up applying or pursuing the same jobs as any other professional with this certification regardless of the background or previous educational history.

On the other hand there are no formal prerequisites for this specific certification and you won’t have to bring in a great deal of experience and professional skills to take part in the race. All you require is a string understanding of the software development, coding/programming, learning various API systems and professional understanding of the Linux systems to get going.CISCO certified DevNet specialist is not an entry level certification and validates you as an expert on the matter of software development and designing various related tools as well.

  1. CCNA cloud

Cloud systems have taken the IT industry from the neck and the need for the professionals who can better provide with the understanding, development, management and configuration of such systems is highly anticipated. CCNA cloud is another networking and cloud computing related certification provided by CISCO international. This is a job driven certification and the main goal is to provide professional with a deep understanding of various cloud related systems and fundamentals. Top of the list include the working of cloud, security of the cloud, web assimilation and development in accordance with cloud systems and the management of cloud based data centers.

As stated earlier the ultimate goal of this certification is to help the professional find a decent job within the IT sector and score themselves a decent career within the cloud based technology. Providing with end to end security and helping the IT based industries in the development of these tactics is also something well configured and convened by this course.

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