Personal coaching developed as a profession in the 1970s and 80s, but for a long time, it was mainly an alternative form of counseling focused on self-development. In recent years, coaching has expanded to address a wide variety of needs. Nowadays, people are turning to coaches for help with their careers, their relationships, and even their graduate school applications. Students who are trying to get into a competitive program need every advantage, and the following are some of the benefits that grad school admissions coaching can provide.

Coaches Help Navigate A Complex Process

Applying to graduate school requires a lot of paperwork and documentation, and students who are new to the process are likely to feel confused. They may not know how to interpret application questions and instructions or how to craft an essay that will stand out, and without a coach, they have no one to turn to for help. Grad school admissions coaches take their students step by step through the complex application process, from filling out forms to writing the essay and preparing for an interview, if needed. 

Coaches Help Clients Showcase Their Strengths

Grad school applications gather information that creates a picture of the applicant, so prospective students need to show their best qualities. A grad school admissions coach can advise students on writing a unique and memorable essay and putting together a resume that will highlight their strengths. A good coach knows how to draw out a client’s strengths and present them in a way that admissions staff will notice. Coaches also understand that each application must be tailored to the requirements and culture of the school.

Coaches Help in Moments of Stress

The graduate application process can be very emotional. Ambitious students may be anxious about the possibility of failing and letting down their families. They may also have doubts about the career choice they’re making in selecting a degree program. A graduate admissions coach understands these feelings. A good coach will provide moral support and teach clients effective strategies to relax and stay calm. By going to Personal MBA Coach, clients can work one-on-one with a coach who will invest time in getting to know them well.

Coaches Can Help Students Make the Right Decisions

Prospective students may have only vague ideas about what they want from a graduate program, and their choices may be influenced by family expectations. Before investing in the application process, students need to discern what they want from their education and identify the programs where they are likely to thrive. Graduate admissions coaches can play a big role in guiding these decisions. An experienced coach can assess a client’s chances of getting into a particular school and recommend alternatives if needed.

There are many reasons why prospective graduate students hire coaches to get them through the application process, but the number one advantage is that they want an edge. With personal attention and expert advice, an admissions coach can help a client get into the right school and start down the path to their future career.


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