The way students learn today has changed compared to what it was a generation ago. Rapid improvements in the fields of internet, connectivity, social media, cloud services, etc. have resulted in the method of online learning gaining prominence. The act of learning at home has its own set of positives and pros that help in various ways.

Studying using a learning app online helps to not only save time and effort but also helps connect one and all to an extensive library of content specifically made to make the most of one’s time. Fliplearn is one such platform designed to ensure efficiency in learning. An award-winning e-learning app trusted by over 2 lakh students, Fliplearn is a goldmine filled with fun and interesting digital content mapped to all the education boards all over the country. Children will get the exact syllabus that they need but in a more convenient, readily available format. The platform includes lessons from major subjects like History, Economics, Geography, Chemistry, Biology, English, Political Science, and Physics, all from the comfort of your own home or school.

Doubts are never-ending. Hence apps like Fliplearn come in handy in such times. In addition, students can also refer to NCERT solutions to help clear their doubts. Having proper guidance and material is a very important factor in learning.

Here are a few ways by which Fliplearn helps students:

  • Academic Videos: Over 19,000 videos to help with learning more visually, making it easier to grasp concepts and memorize.
  • Learning Aids: Gamified quizzes, performance dashboards, concept maps to help associate the concepts and the understanding of them effectively.
  • Question sets: A huge bank that includes more than 2,50,000 practice questions to help evaluate yourself and also reference answers for every question to help understand topics better.

Fliplearn Prime provides features like assignments, data synopsis, personalized tools to help in learning, and also E-books from NCERT. All these extra features help you learn and understand concepts in a  more deeper and evaluative manner.

Virtual live classes are conducted where the student can interact with the teachers and have their personal questions and queries answered. When it comes to a class, the best thing is having someone around to clarify concepts, and a live streaming, interactive virtual class is a great way to provide that benefit to students where all their questions can be addressed.

NCERT solutions, solved examples, question sets, and live classes all provide a holistic experience for every student where nothing is compromised during the process of learning. From kindergarten up to 12th-grade students. Fliplearn provides an effective and efficient solution to learn from home and a medium to learn better in their schools and educational institutions. Learning is essential to build a good foundation and thus the process of learning should always help the learner to understand and grasp every single concept to grow into better, well-trained individuals.

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