Even with all of the training that a nurse receives in college, the first day of actually being placed as a student nurse can be terrifying for even the bravest of human beings. Any kind of advice should be welcome at the start and here are five things to keep in mind on that first day of clinical rotation placement:

Be punctual. This is one of the most important parts of presenting that good front from the beginning. A student nurse needs to prove her or his worth in order to progress towards becoming a regular nurse. If someone is late to the game on the first day, they’ve already got a mark against them. This is important at all times and means that if lateness can’t be avoided call ahead and have a good reason.

Be organized. This is one of the most important parts of keeping one’s head and ensuring that the day passes by well. Organization for a nurse is of paramount importance because of the barely controlled chaos that their department can descend into at a moment’s notice. People have to know when their shift starts and where. Student nurses also need to present themselves well in appearance as well as make the right impression.

Be prepared.Reading ahead is never a bad idea in college or at work! Student nurses can’t know everything, but they can try to be prepared for what is in store for them. Ask others what to expect, especially if one has friends who’ve been in that situation before. If shadowing a nurse, don’t be afraid to ask for advice from that person, as well. That is what they’re there for!

Listen carefully. Instructions will be given according to what must be done and a student nurse has to keep their ears open and keep quiet when appropriate. This doesn’t mean that they have to become mute, but being able to take direction is an important part of student nurse placement. If a nurse can’t take instructions, then they won’t last very long in the field.

Have a good app. This doesn’t mean get a good app for listening to music. Physical daily planners have become a thing of the past and virtual planners are now what is commonly used. For a student nurse, a regular planner isn’t good enough for such a complex work life. This best thing to do is find good software rotation planners and use them religiously! This is what a student nurse can lean heavily on to stay punctual and be organized.

There are many things that a student nurse has to juggle on that first day of clinical placement, but the important thing to do is to stay calm and keep these five things in mind. They form a good foundation for having a good day at work and they open oneself up to the myriad other things a student nurse needs to learn on the job.




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