Web design curriculum is now also taught in schools. The web-based curriculum is both visual and practical, where students can create and write code to build web pages and even web application. However, schools adopt a block-based coding approach that cannot help students learn better web designing. Therefore, both visual and practical courses should be included to help middle and high schools students learn web designing.

Why do Middle Schools include Web Design Curriculum?

Around 100 countries in the world have included web design curriculum for middle and high school to help their students get ready for a career in web development. However, the course offered is not always delivered to the right level of web designing. 

Why you need an online platform for your students?

The practical approach of teaching like online assignments, tutorial videos, quizzes, and providing a platform to run their code can be the best ways to help them learn. Online platforms can also provide features to run files and better understand the code and concept than writing assignments. Edubolt’s Web Design Curriculum is Easier, and even 5th Grade Student can complete assignments. 

How can Edubolt help you?

Choosing the best online platform or online training classes is essential so that students can get the best training. If you are searching for an interactive web design Curriculum, then these features can help your students with natural and interactive web designing.

  • Compatible Curriculum

A platform that can be customized and fit with your curriculum can be the best ways to help your students learn online, and Edubolt has everything that you need from assignments, quizzes, to lessons, everything that you need for your web design curriculum. Also, you can create your units, lessons, and assignments online.

  • Everything is inclusive.

Web designing requires special applications and network drives, and many more, but with Edubolts everything is inclusive, you don’t have to worry about network drives, RAM, or storage to install and run web development applications. Through Edubolts, you and your students will have to log in within a few seconds and start working online. Also, students can upload their assignments via an FTP client.

  • Both Teachers and Students can log in.

Teachers and Students both can get unique Login passwords to access the classes, and Teachers can access the student’s assignment securing. Students can create their SQL tables using SQL queries and store their data.

So these are a few things that can help you conduct a web design program efficiently in your school.


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