Bitcoin is a very popular cryptocurrency that is enjoying real success on the internet. It allows whoever owns it to buy goods and services on the internet or in real life. However, despite its success in America, its use remains relatively moderate in France because of its functioning which is not known to all. Indeed, the use of this electronic money can prove to be complicated for its holders. Discover in this article, the different advantages of bitcoin and what you can do with it. From bonanza post you can have the smartest solutions now.

A bitcoin coin

The use of bitcoin is greatly underestimated by the general public. However, this electronic money can be used in various ways.  

Online shopping

Since bitcoin is an electronic currency, it is more suitable for online shopping. In general, it can be used for anything related to the IT sector. You have the option to buy credits on your phone, video on demand and video games online. But, it is not yet possible to buy everywhere with bitcoins. In addition, you can subscribe to music listening platforms and magazines, order organic teas and spices, clothes or even cosmetics. You can get really diverse things with bitcoin. Some dating sites also offer bitcoin settlements.

Shopping on the darknet

Bitcoins can be used on some sites even on the darknet. You have a wide choice of possibilities no matter what you want to buy. You can treat yourself to various crypto objects, such as stickers, playing cards or clothing bearing the image of Bitcoin. In the field of digital or high-tech, you will find sites that offer new or refurbished high-tech products. One of the coolest things is that you can treat yourself to a vacation using your e-money. Indeed, sites offer you to book flights and hotels by paying with your bitcoins.

Purchases in physical stores

More than 300 businesses have introduced the use of bitcoin as a means of payment in France. Stores working in the IT sector are widely represented in the offer. Besides that, you can find pizzerias, teahouses, bars or even hairdressers that allow payment in bitcoin. You can also turn to real estate to rent or buy real estate in several agencies that recognize bitcoin. However, France seems even less open when it comes to buying with bitcoins. To find out more about where to spend your virtual currencies, you can go to the websites.

Sell ​​your bitcoins

You can sell your bitcoins in exchange for fiat currency in whatever currency is convenient for you. There are a number of different methods you can choose to do this. This cryptocurrency can be sold on exchange platforms, between individuals and in physical stores. You can also exchange your bitcoins for goods or services. Indeed, several services now accept electronic money. Holders of a bitcoin wallet can therefore take the opportunity to sell their bitcoin.

A bitcoin wallet

Paying with bitcoins is very easy, convenient, fast and secure. You have several ways to make your payment. Now Ibrahim Bashar is the right person to guide you about that matter.

Scan the QR code

Using QR codes is the easiest way to spend your bitcoins. This method is only done if your wallet is linked to a mobile application . You can therefore scan the QR code of the chosen item with your mobile which will immediately open your wallet application on your smartphone. Then, the correct address for sending the amount in bitcoins will be saved automatically by the latter. You will only have to check the amount indicated and approve the payment.

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