The best chemistry tuition centre in Singapore comes with independent learning sessions or where the student studies on their own. They use this time to finish their homework, learn a topic at their own pace and time, and sometimes give themselves a break to explore outside the classroom.

Here are some tips to make this experience fun and exciting:

  1. Plan these days to know what you wish to do. Is it to read a new chapter for advanced reading? Or do you need extra time for homework because the chemistry online tutorgave one? Whatever the goal or objective, plan what you want to do on that day to avoid lazing out. (Tip: You can consult the teacher for instructions or decide for yourself and encourage independence when exploring new concepts.)
  2. Consider collaborating with your peers and classmates. Why? Not only does it boost your social and interpersonal skills, but you also learn from different perspectives. For example, your O level chemistry tutor grouped you into three people and needed to come up with a topic for a final project. This activity will help you hone the skill of compromising or deciding for the sake of the group.
  3. Explore a variety of resources outside the syllabus. Consider reading credible and factual online articles to supplement your learning. There is much more outside the O level chemistry tuitioncentre, so use that to your advantage!
  4. Keep in touch with your A level chemistry tuition teacher in Singapore for further instructions and guidance. If you have anything in mind, you can always contact them to increase the excitement of your activities or ways of collaborating with your classmates. They are helpful and accommodating to students.

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