Most times, when accessing studying abroad as an Indian, you may reach a dilemma, considering the question “is studying abroad better than studying in India?” Studying abroad is filled with so many opportunities to be considered for every student, so as an Indian, you might be forced to ask which is better, well, and it will be cruel and lack of judgment to make comparisons without proper evaluation or consideration. As an Indian, when faced with a dilemma some factors should be considered, such factors are given below to help you in your decision whether studying abroad is best for you or studying in India.

Educational Quality: it is evident that most Indians travel abroad to study due to the quality of education provided in those countries and this is one of the major reasons while people study abroad. Most Indian institutions are not well equipped and do not measure up to the standard for proper education and thus may cause individuals to move to countries where proper attention is given to education. But if you gain admission into one of the top institutes in India then that’s a very good thing. For a better quality of education obtaining a higher education abroad may be the best option. 

However, not all foreign universities are better in terms of educational quality, some foreign countries are also still underdeveloped in certain fields of studies or generally in their educational system and thus, it is ideal to attend an Indian University that offers better educational experience and if there are better elsewhere, you can apply but in cases of comparing for medical students, MBBS in Russia is surely better than MBBS in India.

Opportunity: most employers even in India will prefer to employ others who have studied abroad as they are believed to gain more exposure in terms of academic experience and educational quality. When one of two candidates have the same qualification and experience is to be employed, one of the means for disqualification is educational quality and since most international institutions have plans for foreigners, studying abroad is better appreciated. Most foreign countries provide schemes for foreigners as well to obtain employment before the expiration of their student visas. Also, aside from employment opportunities, opportunities to associate with international companies and build your dream and more exists in international studies.

Emotional stability: for young individuals who have had no experience of leaving their homes, and families, studying abroad may be almost impossible and considerations should be made on their emotional stability in such environment where they are ignorant of what to do, although this set of ages can study abroad with the guidance of a parent or relative. But when an emotionally mature individual has such an opportunity, it is ideal and much better to study abroad.

Academic Cost: Most Indian institutions that provide quality and standard education can be very costly and make sponsoring quite difficult for most parents but studying abroad comes with a chance of obtaining scholarships and educational supports once you have a good academic track-record. For instance if you are looking you are looking for MBBS admission at low cost, then you have to spend quite a lot of money in India, without the guarantee of high standard of education, if you can get MBBS admission in Ukraine or other reputed medical universities in Europe, you can get far better opportunities comparatively.

Experience and global exposure: one of the benefits of studying abroad is gaining experiences, it is one of the lucrative benefits of studying abroad as students get to mingle with individuals and learners of different cultures and languages. When individual studies abroad, different ways to adapt is learned, upon introduction to a different culture, learning to adapt is very vital. Experience is one of the reasons why one can say studying abroad is better than studying in India. 

Finally, studying abroad in developed countries, of course, is comparatively better than studying in India, but the admission process into these Institutions is not always as palatable and straightforward as it seems and requires proper and meticulous planning. Also, the choice may differ for each individual but the above-listed factors can be considered in choosing whether to study abroad or locally in India.


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