It’s common knowledge that learning a language is easier for younger people and more difficult as they get older. If you don’t approach learning English correctly, it can be even more difficult. Hence, learning from an O level English tutor can help you in your approach to learning the language.

If you want to progress with a language, the most important thing is to avoid things that will impede your progress. So avoid these pitfalls to succeed in your English language learning journey.

Overemphasis on grammar

‍No language would be complete without a working knowledge of grammar, and this knowledge is essential for fluency in both oral and written forms of the language. If you only concentrate on grammar as you learn English in Singapore, you’ll miss out on the other necessary skills for developing effective communication.

It’s not uncommon for people to need to use a word they don’t know in a given situation, such as “car.” This word is definable as “a transport vehicle” instead of having to look up this word in an English-language dictionary. If you don’t have linguistic expertise, you can use a technique known as paraphrasing to help you communicate effectively.

These tactics do not just appear; they must be learned and honed through repetition. After you learn English in Singapore, it’s not bad to brush up on your knowledge of English grammar, such as how other words are conjugated and when to use certain prepositions. However, the time spent on grammar exercises is usually the time that is not well spent.

Using a vocabulary list to learn new words.

Even though memorising vocabulary lists is a relatively simple task, it has little impact. When you learn words from a list, there is no connection to meaningful contexts that help you better understand the various word usages available. As a result, you’ll forget what you just read as quickly as they appear in your mind.

To effectively learn new words and their contexts, registers, word-family relationships, and connotations that distinguish these words from their synonyms, developing a strong and accurate vocabulary is essential during your classes in the English tuition centre in Singapore

Neglecting the power of reading.

When you’re learning a new language, reading is a must! For starters, it’s a great way to learn new words related to a wide range of subjects and interests. If you read about the legal system, for example, you’ll soon find new words like ruling, sheriff, court, and prosecutor in your vocabulary. Alternatively, reading newsletter segments on business topics will allow you to learn about things like consolidation, commission, stock, and recession.

The second benefit of reading is that it exposes you to a wide range of topics and styles of writing such as news articles, personal essay writing in Singapore and memoirs. You’ll be able to write better and more effectively as a result!

As an added benefit, reading introduces you to new ideas for conversation or writing assignments. When it comes to becoming a more intelligent and well-rounded individual, reading is the best way to go about it.

Comparing other people’s progress with yours.

Different methods work best for different people because everyone learns at their own pace. What do you get out of comparing your progress to the progress of others? There is nothing to say. To compare one’s progress with the progress of others is a natural desire. However, everyone is learning at their own pace and using methods that work best for them during their meetings with an O level English tutor.

While it’s important to experiment with different approaches, you’ll discover what works best for you on your own, so there’s no need to constantly measure your progress against that of others. Even though learning English isn’t a competitive endeavour, it’s a waste of time to compare yourself to other learners, especially since they may have different native languages and learn at different rates.

Not choosing what interests you as an English learner.

Students often mistakenly use materials that aren’t particularly interesting to them, such as those intended solely for use in language schools or the English tuition centre in Singapore.

You know what this segment is about: textbooks or audio recordings that present fictitious scenarios. As a result, learning a language becomes a challenge rather than a joy because you lose interest, motivation, and concentration. There’s a good chance you haven’t had much time in English class, or your teacher was not efficient.


Being afraid of your own mistakes.

No amount of being told “don’t be afraid” will help you overcome your fear of making mistakes. It’s normal to be apprehensive about speaking because it’s always easier to nod than try out a new word or structure. But you won’t learn unless you try, and if your goal is to study, which it must, you will not understand unless you try it with your O level English tutor.

Think that people are insulted when you make an error because of your fear of being wrong. The truth is that people don’t care if you make mistakes and are completely forgiving of them. You likely make fewer mistakes than you think; most people vastly overestimate their level of error, which serves as a significant impediment.

Thinking you need to move to an English speaking country to improve.

In your opinion, do you think it’s hard to learn English if you don’t live in an English speaking country? Regardless of the advantages of living in an English-speaking country, it’s not the only option.

People will continue to hear this message from a English tuition centre in Singapore because it’s in their enthusiasm that people fly halfway across the globe to attend a school to develop their English.

The idea that you can only progress if you live in a country where English is the primary language is a big mistake, and even if you have never travelled to an English-speaking country, you can achieve traditional fluency in the language if you focus on avoiding these seven mistakes of learning the English language.


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