International schools are schools that have an international curriculum and examinations that teach all the major lessons in English. Currently, there are 11500 international schools worldwide. Around 6.5 million students are studying in International Schools. Parents who want their children to learn in English from a younger age follow globally recognized learning and teaching. There are more than 708 International Schools in India.  

Parents want their children to be well prepared for International graduate education and a good career. Most of the International Schools in India follows the Central Board of Secondary Education syllabus and some schools will follow the American or British curriculum with English language programs while the others will be regulated by the French education system.

Education in India:

An international school promotes international educational subjects, building a solid foundation of cultural understanding. Studying in a curriculum such as the Cambridge International exams can provide students with the opportunity to learn about new cultures and the world beyond the classroom that makes it the ideal setting for increasing student’s cultural awareness and promoting their understanding and appreciation for those who come from different backgrounds.

Schools offer similar education standards worldwide, facilitating the transition between schools in France and Vietnam. It also provides internationally acceptable accreditation like the International Baccalaureate. International schools in India may be the perfect place for expatriate students in India. While there may be some local population, but the schools are generally designed to accommodate an international student body. It also has an international teaching population that is passing through and continues to travel.

By the IASL criteria for international schools, students of international schools can be admitted to another international school anywhere in the world. They have an on the move population as students can come and go. They also have students from various nationalities attending school. It has an international course and international accreditation although there are no selection criteria or entrance examinations for admission.

Growth Opportunities:

Studying at International schools may feel confident when they seek career opportunities because of their exposure to diverse cultures and languages of the world while staying in school. They will have a sense of cultural diversity and can easily understand and adapt to many different kinds of environments. Most recruiters are looking for employees who have an international exhibit and are multilingual. Therefore, if a child attends an international school, they have already learned an additional language and internationally trained students are better prepared even for university admission to other countries.

International schools frequently include extracurricular activities as part of their curriculum. These activities are intended to assist students in identifying and acquiring new skills. When children excel at these activities, they can gain confidence, as a result of which they are less likely to experience problems in adjustments, behavior etc. Extracurricular activities are an excellent way for kids to learn to concentrate and cooperate with other kids. They may even solve problems and improve their critique by taking part in new activities.

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