Digital marketing has evolved into one of the most sought-after skills. Employers post hundreds of job listings with digital marketing skills as a requirement. Many careers need digital marketing, so studying it will open up hundreds of opportunities. If you’re taking a digital marketing course, it’s good to look at how that certificate will help you. Here are three popular careers you can pursue after taking a digital marketing course.

1. Content manager

Content managers don’t just write or come up with social media posts. They need an intimate understanding of SEO content and how it affects business and visibility. They need to know what the consumers want to see and plan accordingly. They need leadership skills to direct a team of writers and content creators. Getting data analytics training in Singapore might also help with pursuing this career.

2. SEO/SEM specialist

SEO and SEM specialists have become in demand, so much so that the jobs market is experiencing high demand and low supply. All businesses want to rank highly in search results, after all. Many are looking for specialists that can keep up with the fluctuating algorithm. You can learn how to do so in a digital marketing academy.

3. UX Designer

If you have a knack for web design and digital marketing, you can pursue a UX designer career. These designers shouldn’t just aim for an aesthetically pleasing website. They need to know what draws consumers in and gets them to stay. While digital marketing is wanted for this role, you can step it up and enrol in a user experience design course in Singapore. Knowing both sides of this career would be beneficial.

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