People often hear about tuition centres and enrichment centres. They use these terms interchangeably to refer to complementary education outside school. But is the enrichment centre in Singapore the same as the tuition centre? If they are the same, why do some educational institutions offer both tuition classes and preschool enrichment classes?

The truth is, a tuition centre and an enrichment centre are far different from each other, although their purpose is almost identical; to help students develop new skills, hone their knowledge, and excel academically.

This article will shed light on the similarities and differences between tuition centres and enrichment centres.

Similarities And Differences Of Tuition Centres And Enrichment Centres

It is not uncommon for children, especially in an Asian household, to attend classes outside their classroom. It could be their piano class after school or robotics programme during summer.

Parents enrol their kids in an enrichment or tuition centre in Singapore to help fill the gaps and find the right balance in their education. For example, if your child excels in maths yet fails terribly in communication, where would you enrol your child? What programme should you get to at least improve this pitfall?

You can start by determining whether you need an enrichment centre or a tuition centre.


Tuition centre in Singapore

Perhaps, the primary difference between a tuition centre and an enrichment centre in Singapore is their curriculum and programmes.

Tuition centres are more focused on academic programmes or subjects typically taught in school. These are English language, maths and sciences, such as biology, chemistry, and physics.

If the tutoring centre’s curricula are patterned to the school’s curriculum, does it make the two educational institutions the same and redundant? They are different as well.

Firstly, a school diploma is a prerequisite to attaining higher education. You cannot use certificates from a tuition centre in Singapore alone to apply to college in the country or overseas. But a student with a diploma can apply to college or universities without tutoring certificates.

Secondly, both educational institutions may teach the same subjects, but their approach is different. For example, schools usually teach large classes, whilst tutoring centres can provide a child-centred approach through a one-on-one session with the student.

Tuition centres are academically-focused but not a substitute for schools.

Enrichment centre in Singapore

On the other hand, enrichment centres’ curricula and programmes are focused on fundamental skills and various non-academic areas of interest for the child.

Enrichment classes teach students lessons they cannot learn from an ordinary school. These programmes include dance, music, sports, photography and videography, drama, robotics, arts, engineering, and phonics classes in Singapore.

Its goals are to help students discover their interests and hone their hidden talents other than their academic proficiency, which most schools do not really support adequately.


Tuition centre in Singapore

Students develop their soft and hard skills in tuition centres but focus more on the latter.

What are hard skills? Hard skills are quantifiable and teachable skills. These are skills you can pick up from schools and training, including language, computer software proficiency, data analytics, bookkeeping, and machine knowledge.

The foundations of these skills are rooted in academic learning, such as maths and sciences, which a tuition centre in Singapore is a master.

Enrichment centre in Singapore

Similar to tuition centres, preschool enrichment classes in Singapore hone students’ soft and hard skills but highlight the former more.

What are soft skills? Soft skills or interpersonal skills are unquantifiable skills. It leans towards the person’s emotional intelligence rather than cognitive intelligence. It relates to how people are with others.

Soft skills include communication, work ethic, listening skills, teamwork and collaboration, patience, time management, ability to read the room, flexibility and adaptability, and cultural awareness and responsibility.

Students develop these skills through constant socialisation with others during their drama rehearsals, sports practice, and so on. Most enrichment classes require students to work together, unlike the typical lectures and pen-and-paper exams in a tuition centre in Singapore.


Tuition centre in Singapore

The setup for a tuition centre in Singapore is quite similar to schools. Tuition centres have classrooms that can accommodate ten to twenty students.

In this setting, the tutor teaches in front of the class, distributes modules, and gives short quizzes.

In a one-on-one setting, the tutor can teach in the comforts of the student’s house. They can also hold group or one-on-one online classes.

Enrichment centre in Singapore

The learning setup for an enrichment centre in Singapore can be different depending on the programme. For example, a music class can be held in the student’s homes if they have the instruments. Sports, such as soccer or basketball, are held outdoors on the field or indoors on the court.

Dance studios hold dance classes, whilst small theatres accommodate drama rehearsals. Robotics and Lego building classes are sometimes inside a classroom!

The Dilemma: Tuition Centre or Enrichment Centre?

Parents often fall into this dead end, but there is a way to escape this dilemma.

Determining the areas your kid is lacking is a good start. If your child has no problem excelling academically at school, there is no need to enrol them in a tuition centre in Singapore. Instead, let them discover their other areas of interest and hidden talents.

On the other hand, if your child is exceptional at socialising with others yet has difficulties keeping up at school, you may want to hone their academic skills by enrolling them in a tuition centre.

Get the best of both worlds!


There is nothing wrong with getting the best of both worlds! There are tuition centres that also offer preschool enrichment classes! Hard and soft skills and emotional; intelligence and cognitive intelligence are all crucial skills and talents to have as children grow older.

Children can become maths wizards and football champions or become doctors and band vocalists at the same time.


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