Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education in Singapore is one of the frequently chosen strands for students, among others, which are Business, Accountancy, and Management (BAM) or Humanities, Education, and Social Sciences (HESS). As its name explicitly states, STEM focuses on the core subject areas for secondary school students. The strand equips you and other students with the fundamentals of the four fields. Here, you can improve your skills in working with innovation, problem-solving, logical reasoning, and critical thinking.

If you are a STEM student and have doubts about your future in college, stop worrying. To help you worry less, listed below are the STEM courses offered in Singapore.



One of the STEM courses in Singaporeis astronomy, which deals with studying everything that lies beyond the atmosphere of the Earth. These are the things in the universe that people can see or view with their naked eyes, including the Sun, Moon, planets, stars, meteors, or the galaxy itself. Astronomy will also educate you on using instruments to study these universal things. Some of these are telescopes, bolometers, alidade, astrolabe, and the list goes on.

To study astronomy, start with taking up a STEM programme in Singapore, then take a college degree in astronomy like Astrophysics, Astronomy, Earth and Climate System Science, or Aerospace Engineering.


Another STEM programme in Singaporefor Science lovers is Biochemistry, which explores the chemical processes for various test subjects that have life. The entirety of biochemistry brings the fields of biology and chemistry together. It teaches how cells live within human bodies, how proteins, lipids, and organelles function, how cells grow and interact with your body, and other factors affecting living organisms.

If you plan to study a STEM programme in Singaporeand major in Biochemistry, you can work in the health, agriculture, and environmental industries. Some of the jobs for biochemistry graduates are the following: analytical chemist, biomedical scientist, medicinal chemist, nanotechnologist, pharmacologist, or scientific laboratory technician.



Computer Science

For people who like studying computers, programs, and software designs, STEM education in Singaporecan be the ideal strand to take. STEM graduates can take up a degree in computer science in college. Computer science is the field of study that deals with computers, software, processing information, network processes, and artificial intelligence. Computer science graduates are very valuable in the workforce today, given that the world revolves around mobile applications, various web browsers, social media, and the internet.

Information Technology

Information technology is one of the frequently chosen STEM courses in Singapore. While computer science deals with the development of software systems, information technology involves both software and hardware systems, such as the CPU or microprocessor, RAM, hard disks, motherboard, expansion cards, power supply unit, monitor, or optical disc drive.

If you take up a STEM programme in Singapore with a degree in information technology, there are numerous career opportunities. The options for information technology careers are vast, so you do not have to worry about getting a job. You can work as an information technology consultant, computer network architect, forensic data analyst, network administrator, or IT department manager.



Chemical engineering

The E in STEM stands for Engineering. Engineering courses, without a doubt, are the leading choice for students studying STEM education in Singapore. Engineering has different fields or branches. One of them is chemical engineering. Chemical engineering deals with learning the processes of chemical production to manufacture valuable products. The course will also boost your skills and background knowledge on technological problems, chemistry, fluid dynamics, and structural engineering.

Taking up a STEM programme in Singapore, major in chemical engineering can open your doors to the following industries: manufacturing, petrochemicals, environmental, agricultural, pharmaceutical companies, cosmetic, and food and beverage industries.

Civil engineering

One of the STEM courses you could take in Singaporeis civil engineering. Civil engineering focuses on educating students about everything built in their surroundings, such as roads and highways, bridges, commercial buildings, hospitals, and water and power supply systems. Civil engineers are responsible for designing, connecting, and executing structural and developmental works.

If you aspire to be a civil, structural engineer, or construction manager, take up STEM education in Singaporeduring high school, and complete a degree in civil engineering.



Applied Mathematics

If you are fond of mathematical formulas and statistics, the best STEM programme in Singaporefor you is applied mathematics. The program can provide you with a strong foundation and in-depth understanding of various mathematical techniques. In applied mathematics, it will fully equip you with knowledge of Algebra, Geometry, and Analysis.

Considering that people frequently use mathematics in the real world, this is a great programme to help you kickstart your way to these professions: actuarial analyst, financial analyst, computational analyst, financial advisor, mathematician, or mathematics teacher.


Many students are hesitant to study STEM courses in Singaporebecause of mathematics. The fields of mathematics like statistics, algebra, and trigonometry can make them sceptical. College statistics can help you educate the most challenging areas in mathematics, such as data, probability, hypothesis testing, linear regression, and samples. Technically, these topics are, without a doubt, hard to learn, but did you know that most of the high-paying jobs are related to probability and statistics?

Some of the possible career paths for statistics graduates are statistician, economist, database administrator, market researcher, cost estimator, actuary, and financial analyst. If you aspire to work for established financial businesses, take a STEM programme in Singapore.


While taking a STEM programme during high school, think of the possible professional development courses in Singapore you will take in college. You can utilise this list, ask for recommendations from friends or parents, or follow what your heart wants. College plays a significant role and part in the lives of students. In college, you will go through various challenges, meet new friends, learn different topics, and know yourself better for four to five years. Also, remember when you opt for the degree that you want, there are higher chances of finishing the degree and, at the same time, creating meaningful experiences.

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