A report issued today by CNN divulges the results of two independent studies, which both confirm that incidence of Covid-19 among college-age individuals surged significantly as campuses opened nationwide.  Given our strong commitment to updating students on the status of the coronavirus on campus, Unemployed Professors is issuing this immediate summary of these two reports.  We hope that an informed student body will translate to healthier universities, and ultimately weaken the impact and lessen the duration of the virus’s second wave.

The first study, issued September 29, 2020 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, examined nearly 100,000 coronavirus cases between August 2nd and September 5th.  The CDC report concluded that, of persons ages 18 to 22, weekly Covid-19 cases rose an astonishing 55 percent nationally.  While counting for other factors, the CDC concluded that “it is likely that some of this increase is linked to resumption of in-person attendance at some colleges and universities.”  Previous reports note that this age group is notably less compliant with Covid-19 prevention measures, which psychologists have attributed to young individuals’ tendency to make decisions based on personal gratification, rather than collective safety.

A second study, also issued September 29, 2020, by a team of researchers at the North Carolina Department of Health and the University of North Carolina, demonstrated a “rapid increase in Covid-19 cases…within two weeks of opening the campus to students.”  This increase came despite precautionary measures taken by UNC to mitigate student congestion and congregation.  The researchers attributed this spike to the students engaging in partying, despite repeated warnings to avoid such congregation.

The researchers clearly concluded that the lessons drawn from this study should be implemented in radical and rapid fashion across the nation: “The rapid increase in cases within two weeks of opening campus suggests that robust measures are needed to reduce transmission at institutes of higher education, including efforts to increase consistent use of masks, reduce the density of on-campus housing, increase testing for SARS-CoV-2, and discourage student gatherings.”

The University of Tennessee experienced a similar phenomenon upon opening the campus to students.  And, across the nation, other institutions of higher learning are undergoing the same ordeal.  Julia Marcus of the CDC explains why this might be happening: “Any public health plan that requires radical changes in behavior and perfect compliance is doomed to fail.”

Unemployed Professors is committed to keeping tabs on this situation, and updating students as it unfolds.  For now, we urge our clients, and students everywhere, to adhere to Covid-19 prevention measures, many of which are discussed at length in other blogs on this topic.  With unity of resolve and of action we can get through this second wave, and see this unfortunate chapter of our history to the swiftest and least painful conclusion possible.

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