Whether your child is having baby classes in Singapore for the first time or starting a new grade as a returning student, there are many things to do to prepare for the upcoming school year, including asking about their fears, anxieties, and concerns.

As summer draws to a close, it’s natural for children to feel anxious; after months away, your child will be returning to a structured group setting. Some children will welcome the change enthusiastically, while others may require more assistance to adjust.

The following tips will help your family make a smooth transition into the upcoming school year and provide your child with a fresh perspective on the joys of baby classes in Singapore.

#1. Read books about entering toddler classes in Singapore.

Stories with relatable characters, particularly those featuring characters attending their first day of kindergarten, help calm first-day nerves and boost confidence where necessary.

#2. Ask your child how they feel about school.

This self-awareness framework can begin at home. If you’re talking about upcoming toddler classes in Singapore – you might inquire about your child’s classroom opinions. Ask them what they are anticipating and if they are interested in learning or if they have any concerns

#3. Practice their reading during the summer.

Set up a home reading nook over the summer to establish a regular reading habit by the fall. Thus, you and your child (or your child alone, if they can already read independently) will have a place to read when they return from their learning centre in Singapore.

#4. Buy school supplies.

Labelling items, such as an outfit or a backpack, is exciting when going back to school. Preparing for the school year turns into a ritual and can generate excitement.

During this time, you and your child can also select new books, which need not necessarily be related to school. Restocking your child’s library at the beginning of each school year can become an annual tradition to reset their mindset.

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