Teachers as an educational professional lay the foundation of the youth with the knowledge and experience they have. Teaching is a very noble profession that involves name, respect and dignity in an intrinsically profound way. As per a latest report published by CNBC (business news network) titled “Hiring for these jobs is on the rise in 2021, according to LinkedIn” one of the most sought after jobs was teaching. 

If you are surfing different pages on the public forum to fetch the best teacher jobs in Hyderabad, then click here to know more about the prospective jobs from a well curated website designed for job seekers and posters. With the advent of the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis, teacher jobs in Hyderabad witnessed a sudden surge. Starting from educational consultant, part time tutors to teaching assistants, teacher jobs in Hyderabad went into a full circle. Listed below are some prudent reasons that gave rise to teacher jobs in Hyderabad, keep reading the article till the end. 

Top 5 reasons for an upsurge of teacher jobs in Hyderabad  

Since 2019, teaching jobs in India have witnessed a whopping 40% rise compared to the previous years. Indeed a breakthrough in the education industry which equally enjoyed a good pay scale throughout the learning venture. Listed below are the 5 possible reasons that gave rise to the intellectual wave in India. 

  • Growth of technology

As per the research, most people opt for teacher jobs in Hyderabad due to the growth of the digital media which made the e-learning venture possible. Due to the anomalous global pandemic, the social fabric got unknowingly distorted to an extent. However, e-learning platforms were there to back it up and continue the learning pace with no distractions. The advancement created wider avenues for students for a ceaseless learning experience and an opportunity for the academic professionals to render services at a larger scale. 

  • Increased level of competition and to ascertain the ins and outs 

With the amplified spirit of competition amongst the youth, students often search for a tutor who can guide their learning venture in the best suitable way. Various coaching centers provide crash courses and guidance in variegated subjects starting from Civils to NEET, teachers managed to clinch a good exposure by presiding over the classes.   

  • A noble profession with a good pay scale 

Teaching is an esteemed profession with amazing returns. Teaching jobs give an immense deal of satisfaction by imparting knowledge and supervision to prospective students. Teachers in India receive an average salary of 536,751- 615,463 INR every year.   

  • Favourable incentives and perks 

Teachers in India are given special incentives like: Provident Fund, Gratuity and medical loans. PF facility is being conferred to teachers where 12 percent of the basic salary from teacher’s account and 12 percent amount will be added on by the educational institution, till you serve as an employee. A gratuity is paid by deducting 5 years of service from your total years. It is derived from multiplying the total number of service (minus five years) with the basic salary of an employee. TADA allowances are also a part of the incentive. The seven pay commission scheme is adopted by some schools that offer fixed salaries to teachers. However, it can be increased as per your performance. 

  • An easy to reach job but with the required qualifications 

Anybody can teach but not everybody is a teacher. Teaching is a profession that involves a great amount of commitment, perseverance and discipline to incorporate the existing knowledge and present it decisively to the students. Summing up all these factors, teacher jobs in Hyderabad is an easy to reach occupation, but carries a certain amount of qualification to back it with perfect credentials.  



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