The school system in the UAE is uniquely specialized in catering to the multinational nature of the country. Most schools offer programs in various multinational curricula. American and European curriculums are especially prioritized. Although both state and private schools are available, private schools account for most enrollments and are the preferred choice for most families.

Expatriates may be unfamiliar with the educational ethos, requirements, and other matters. This article will cover the basics of the UAE’s preschool education system as a guide for ex-pats.

A Wide Variety Of Curriculums Are Covered

Several schools provide comprehensive curriculums for countries such as the US, the UK, France, and others. Arabic is a compulsory language taught in schools, and English is also taught.

UAE law requires that education up to the 12th grade equivalent is mandated for all students. Children who qualify as citizens are also entitled to free education at any of the state owned schools up to the completion of secondary school level. Many schools provide preschool to 12th-grade equivalent schooling. This means that kids would not have to switch schools at some point.

An expat family may select a school that provides their national curriculum if they eventually decide to return home and continue the child’s education. As mentioned, American and European curriculums are usually available.

Strict Regulations That Must Be Adhered To

In the UAE, all preschool teachers have an Early Childhood Education certificate that is required to be part of their credentials. A professional and warm demeanor is also expected.

Preschool instructors are mandated to be qualified in the health and wellness of young children and toddlers. The goal is to provide a dynamic and pleasant childcare environment. This is a guarantee that the growth, learning, welfare, safety, and healthiness is always the focus

Also, outdoors areas are thoroughly vetted against Risks. All entry and exit points are made secure and childproof. Doors are locked to protect children. Unidentified persons are never allowed access.

The System Is Designed To Prioritize The Children

Nursery school providers in the UAE are required to only have employees who match the KHDA Guide’s guidelines for qualities, credentials, expertise, and experience. All nursery dubai al barsha staff and premises are regularly inspected.

The relevance of this strict standard and regulations is for the safety of students. As a nation with a large percentage of foreign residents, the UAE recognizes that its schooling standards must be thoroughly competent.


It is common knowledge that the child’s developmental growth will be influenced by the teaching team. The link that exists between both child and the caregivers may benefit the kids intellectually. And it will also help with social interaction and in developing meaningful friendships. Regular examinations and the employment of professionals with extensive knowledge in child training will undoubtedly be advantageous as a child gets older. The authorities make sure that all nursery and preschools adhere to guidelines and regulations set in place for the protection and wellbeing of children.

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