Academic growth should be comprehensive; understanding a child’s learning capabilities can be challenging when it is viewed only from one lens. Hence, external assessments are popular among schools and parents. For understanding how you can help your child, it is crucial to understand the areas they need to work on and where they are flourishing.

ICAS or International Competition and Assessment for Schools helps provide students with an objective, in-depth assessment of their skills in various critical areas of learning. Hence, it is popular among schools and parents to understand a child’s academic capabilities.

Recently, ICAS was acquired by Janison Solutions, which is a leading name in providing online assessments. Websites such as help with learning more about ICAS.

What Are the Benefits of Online Assessment?

Whether your child is preparing for ICAS online assessment or others, understanding the benefits of these assessments can be helpful. It helps children understand the use of ICAS, which can drive them to prepare for this assessment. Knowing the purpose of any assessment is crucial to ensure that a child prepares for it the right way and for the results to be genuine.

Students Are Used to Digital

Almost everything a student uses to supplement their academics is done digitally, so why shouldn’t assessment be the same? Students are already used to a digital mode for most of their tasks. Hence, online assessments should not be a big transition.

Better Security

An online assessment ensures better security of the assessment tools. The question paper is stored on a secure could interface that restricts access only to the administration team. Students can access the paper only when it is time for the examination.

Less Administrative Burden

Online assessment reduces administrative burden. Unlike offline assessments, online assessment is much easier to manage. There is no need to organise and procure printed question paper, mark sheet, and writing equipment. With remit examination, the costs are reduced as there is no need to book an examination hall, pay for printing answer sheets and question paper or hire staff to supervise the exam.

Faster Results

A significant disadvantage of offline assessments is that they take a lot of time to assemble and mark. The larger the number of candidates, the longer it takes to evaluate the exam. Hence, the results are delayed, which defeats the purpose of taking the examination.

If the results take too long, then the assessment may be outdated and not a true reflection of the student’s performance. With online examinations, some systems automatically mark the assessment. Hence, in some cases, students can receive their results instantaneously.

Environment-friendly Assessments

You cannot deny the burden of offline exams on the environment. From printing question papers and mark sheets to the transportation of materials and students to the examination centre, offline assessments take a toll on the planet. With online assessments, this burden can be reduced greatly.

Scalability of Assessment

Online assessments are scalable to a great extent, which is quite helpful for schools. There is no need to worry about how the assessment can be arranged, as scaling online assessments is much easier.

Both online and offline assessments have their advantages. Depending on the need of the student, one type of assessment may be better than the other. Online ICAS assessment can help students learn more about their academic skills and understand how they can improve.

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