Dr. Michael Everest DeMarco is an American-Indian doctor who’s prominently known for his charitable drives through Everest Foundation, which he heads as the chairman. Everest Foundation is a brain-child of Michael Everest DeMarco, a nonprofit group whose focus is on medical research and advancing educational programs. Dr. Michael Everest supports his foundation through the donation from his father, Dr. Edwin Everest. Apart from his father’s endowment, he also uses his equity through his many businesses to support the Everest Foundation. 

5K Generosity Run/Walk

True to his nature to give back to his community, Micheal Everest became the corporate sponsor of the 5K Generosity Run/Walk. He supports the SCI investigation with the exoskeleton, combining the research of Mt. Sinai/Icahn School of Medicine at the Bronx VA James J. Peters Medical Center and Dr. Mark Korsten and Dr. Ann Spungen. The event saw seven men and women using the exoskeleton device to walk. All participants were wheelchair users with spinal injuries. The walk was a display on the improvement the exoskeleton device brings in the lives of people. Michael Everest DeMarco raised money for the event and is also a participant/sponsor of many similar activities in New York.

Gifts $1M to Keck School of Medicine

Dr. Michael Everest’s foundation has one objective – to strengthen medical institutions. The Everest Foundation supports medical facilities and sponsor programs that would help institutions and enable them to advance their medical research and state-of-the-art education. 

True to their cause, the Everest Foundation grants a generous donation of $1 million, committed to Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California over ten years. The gift is already impacting the quality of research at the institution by giving them the financial backing to carry out an advance analysis. In the $1 million donations, the first trench of $162,500 reached the Department of Otolaryngology, a unit studying and researching Head and Neck Surgery. The contribution came as a support for postdoctoral research fellow covering head and neck research at the Keck School.

The gift will be a pillar of support for all the research, training, and educational activities. It will provide the Keck School a long-term support program that would enable the institution to carry out educational and medical research endeavors for years to come. This help is to support education, research and development, and help researchers with financial support with postdoctoral research. 

There’s more to the generous gift as part of the contribution will go to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles(CHLA), which is associated with the Keck School of Medicine and is a nonprofit schooling hospital. The donation intends to support the hospital in establishing and promoting its global education track. 

A True Philanthropist 

Anyone who knows Michael Everest DeMarco cannot help but admire the efforts he makes to support institutional advancement. Michael has a keen interest in education and a willingness to encourage institutions to run their educational and research program. His foundation seeks such ventures that offer tremendous potential in medical studies and research but are struggling due to a lack of financial support. His foundation donates, set up charity drives, and promotes such educational ventures. 

Dr. Michael Everest believes that medical advancement, innovation, and quality research will benefit people for generations. Micheal’s philanthropy makes it possible for institutions to carry their clinical care and research and expand on their medical services. 

The Everest Foundation is one of the main contributors to some of the top schools. One of the original researches that the Everest Foundation support is the SCI and exoskeleton research on spinal cord injuries at Bronx VA. Due to the funding of the Everest Foundation, the SCI and exoskeleton research enabled seven men and women who were unable to walk due to spinal injuries to walk again. 

Under the chairmanship of Dr. Michael Everest, some of the schools that take funding to advance their research include many prominent names such as the University of Texas, the New York Medical School, Stanford University, Texas Tech University, and many other institutions. The foundation continues to participate as a donor for medical research and development and build sponsorship programs to provide continuous support for educational research.


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