There are makeup artists. That is, you can work in a beauty salon, in a hairdresser, in a makeup salon all of them great places to develop the profession-, or you may want to be one of the second group, those who work in television, for the fashion magazines, at parades, the trusted makeup artist of celebrities, having a famous salon, being the star makeup artist of a large cosmetic firm. But, to be one of this exclusive group you have to meet certain conditions. If you have them, if you cultivate them, you can aspire to be part of the elite of the brushes. From quilter  get the best results now.

Work as a makeup artist

  1. Art (Innate) For Painting

It seems obvious, but it does not hurt to emphasize it. If you are not good at putting on makeup yourself, you will hardly be able to do makeup on others. You have to have that feeling with the brushes, know how to understand the products, have started to put on makeup like a door at 5 years of age so that at 16 you have more skill and at 20, finally, a refined and professional technique (after the consequent training, which brings us to the second point).

  1. Training

Yes because, no matter how much you have made up yourself and all your friends, there is nothing like a school to improve your self-taught learning. So go looking for that place that gives you training, and not only to know how to do makeup, but also to comb your hair, because at least in Spain you are expected to be a professional like a pine tree, but also multifunctional. You will have to do everything. Now here Bashar Ibrahim offers you the best information about the same.

  1. Artistic Skills

Like someone who knows how to paint pictures, but to paint faces. In the end, make up is that, take a face and, through make-up, transform it. Create an effect, an illusion, enhance natural features, and achieve an ideal of beauty.

  1. Verborrea

Necessary to explain all this that I am commenting on and to endow the profession with an alo, almost mystical, of what it has been like to take the “pot” and make a “sheet and paint” as nobody knows how to do it. Because you can be a great makeup artist, but you also have to be a great communicator to talk about your work and it’s important.Talk to the client about the makeup idea you want to carry out for that job where they are looking for something clean and subtle on the model’s face when you want to mark a Priscilla, Queen of the desert. The talk will take you wherever you wanting makeup, but also in any other sector.

  1. Intuition

No need to go into a constant ‘pint and erase’ that all it does is irritate the skin. A make-up artist, when he sees a face, has to know which features can and should be enhanced, which ones to correct, and in which shades it will be more flattering.


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