Parenthood is that period that comes with great excitement, sustains with great responsibilities, and keeps going on. It is a never-ending process. But the most crucial phase is when one becomes a new parent. A parent always wants to keep his/her child happy and playful. With this expectation, they entertain with lots of funny activities, play with toys and relive their childhood once again with their newborn. But what type of toy will make your kiddo happier makes the real concern. Today, we will know the right and enticing toys and how they make the baby always happy.

String wooden toys: String wooden toys (ร้อยเชือก ของเล่นไม้, which is the term in Thai) are always a great option to keep the newborns busy and be playful always. The string toys look just like robots that move their bodies on their own as by holding the strings, one can make the toys move and entertain the kiddos for a long time. The only difference between the robots and string toys made of wood is that, unlike robots, there must be one person present near the toys to hold the strings and thereby make them move. But such toys are perfectly friendly to the kids and last for a long time than the machine robots.

String wooden toys come in different ranges and sizes. You can choose the one that your kid likes the most and suits him/her perfectly.

Dollhouse: Have you seen a rabbit dollhouse (บ้านตุ๊กตากระต่าย, term in Thai) or any such dollhouse? It is a great means that helps the kiddos to keep indulged for a long time. Kids from the age of 3-4 years when they start building their senses, can play with such dollhouses with great joy. These dollhouses can be found in any offline or online store. Find the one that your kid likes and let him/her play with it as long as they want.

These toys for toddlers don’t cost much and you can buy as many pieces as you want to keep a stock. Moreover, all such wooden toys are marked as long-lasting enough and won’t get damaged or broken easily. That is why your kid can enjoy a long time play with it without any interruption. Also, you can check many other ways to keep the interests of your child intact once they feel bored by the same kinds of play by the wooden toys.

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