Encouragement and praise

The strengthening of the child’s personality depends mainly on the level of encouragement he receives from his parents. During his development, he will pass through many moments of failure and frustrations. The role of the parents is here to support him and encourage him to keep trying again and again until he succeeds in what he does, no matter how simple it is, then the parents Praise this success, praise the child for the effort he made, and invite the child to try more things later. [1]

Look for strengths and weaknesses

The personality of children is characterized by having many of their strengths and weaknesses, and the task of parents in this case is to focus on finding strengths, positive attributes and talents that the child enjoys, without focusing on his weaknesses or mistakes as a means of developing his personal strength, as it requires that The child is encouraged to develop his talents and attributes that are unique to him, and not to pay attention to and distract from his areas of weakness. [2]

Reverse the positive image of the child

Parents are considered as a mirror to reflect the reactions to the child’s behavior, and it is possible to work through this feature to strengthen the child’s personality and build his self-confidence, by careful and focusing on reflecting the positive image of the child; this would cause the child to focus more on thinking about himself and return to the family to read reactions about His behavior then understands what needs to be evaluated, and this is considered as a way to develop the child’s self-awareness and promote it with positive feelings. [3]

Other strategies to strengthen the child’s personality

It is possible to discuss some strategies that support the strong personality of the child, including: [2]

Emphasizing and enhancing the soft skills of the child.

Develop a child’s awareness of the imperative of failure, and increase his or her ability to accept this.

Making children happier by relying on the concepts of psychology.

Explain the meaning of intelligence widely and from all its perspectives.


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