If you have enrolled yourself in one of the most ambitious courses on this planet i.e. MBA then you must be the very busiest person on this earth right now. Correct? MBA is known as the most versatile subject as it not only taught you to handle the financial and business management of any company but also develop unique personality traits inside the candidate. Hence while pursuing MBA students often remain busy and didn’t find the appropriate time to complete their college assignments. If you are one among them and feel that the above-mentioned lines are the reality of your life, then don’t worry your savior is here. In this blog, we will provide you tips to complete your MBA assignment in less than 8 hours. Let’s begin

Identify the Facts

The basic thing your professor is looking at in your MBA assignment is “to the point talk” which means your assignment has to revolve around some key points. Since you are not writing a Literature assignment in which you have to glorify or elaborate things, you just need to present your arguments logically. You should avoid unnecessary words or phrases to glorify your arguments. For example, if you are working on the topic “Human Resource Management in Flipkart” so you need to discuss the ways through which Flipkart handles the issues and challenges regarding the employees of the company. You need to discuss the payment method, policy for compensation, and working conditions of Flipkart. You should avoid giving an introduction about the company and how it has prospered into a giant leading brand in the contemporary world. Your assignment should be to the point.

Know your Audience

Since you are doing an MBA that means your assignments are of great value for the companies. Hence you must keep in mind the current scenario before writing any assignment. Supposedly you are writing on the topic “Is communication barrier prove a negative impact on the company’s market value” then you must keep in mind that your findings will not just give you good scores but also be helpful for companies to handle such situations. There are situations in the companies such as when the newly recruited employee due to miscommunication sends the wrong reports to the manager which eventually results in either the loss of the job or simulated as the incapability of the employee. Hence your assignment inputs will be a great help to the world around you.

Keep the word count

Your assignment must have a word count hence while writing you should keep in check that it should not have exceeded the word limit. This happens when you didn’t prepare a draft or outline before writing. Hence your pre-assignment preparation is very important. It lets you analyze how much time and research is needed in a specific arena. If you haven’t done your homework before starting the assignment then your assignment will take much time as reading and writing simultaneously will confuse you and neither you will keep a word count and not will be able to present your interpretations clearly.

Provide relevant Facts

Since MBA students help to reform society by preaching the management skills that they have learned from their academic curriculum. They can give innovative ideas to do things in an easy and hassle-free manner. Thus your assignment is a part of your academic activity hence you should try to relate it to the common world and provide examples from that. For example, if your topic is on “Traffic problem in India” hence you can analyze the problems in your region and give valuable inputs that can serve as the role model for the entire country. You can add facts like according to a study by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in 2018, traffic costs 1.47 lakh crore per annum for India. Hence to reduce the traffic problem we can divert the traffic by constructing more flyovers. These types of innovative suggestions in your assignment will help in improving society in a better manner.

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