Due to the containment measures taken by the Government in the context of the current epidemic, it is important to properly manage our waste during this period. At present, the collections of household waste as well as sorting containers are maintained. However, the waste collection centers are closed to individuals. Below you will find some practical advice to reduce the volume of waste to be collected:

Limit Food Waste:

The situation can lead to buying more than necessary fresh produce. These products purchased in large quantities risk expiring and ending up in the trash. Remember to check the dates of consumption freeze what can be frozen and cook any leftovers. In rubbish removal Sydney here are the things that you should learn now.


If you have a garden, consider composting the following waste:

  • Fruit and vegetable peelings,
  • Meal scraps,
  • Coffee grounds and filters, tea bags,
  • Paper towels,
  • Shells of eggs,

As well as your garden waste: dead leaves, wilted flowers, weeds not set to seeds, lawn after having left it to dry in the open air, hedge trimmings in small fragments. If you don’t have a composter, you can make one from pallet wood or in a pile at the bottom of the garden. There is idea of ​​occupation with the children.

Reduce packaging:

If you buy your products in bulk, remember to clean them well before consuming thosefruits and vegetables. Think of drinking tap water, drinkable and almost 200 times cheaper than bottled water and as many plastic bottles thus avoided. Also remember to crush and flatten your different packaging to save space. However, be careful not to nest your packaging together, which makes recycling impossible.

In general, any item that cannot be recovered in another category and which, by its size, does not find its place in a garbage bag of 35 liters furniture, mattresses, PVC furniture, bottles of 3 liters and more, bulky plastics, carpets, old shoes, PVC, cans, toys, pipes, etc. can be placed in the appropriate dumpster.

It is possible to deposit a maximum of 1 sofa per year. If you have other needs, see directly with the staff of the recycling center. The bulky waste dumpster is not a catch-all. Objects can be deposited only in bulk or in transparent bags. Black garbage bags are forbidden. Any object containing scrap metal must be dismantled at home for treatment separated from the waste. The furniture, regardless of their volume, will be dismantled in order to save space in the dumpster.

Store your bulky and dangerous waste as much as possible to be deposited later in recycling centers when the situation is favorable again. You can also use your free time to try and fix what can be fixed. Many tutorials exist on the internet.


If you take advantage of this period to do your spring cleaning in your cupboards, also store your textiles as much as possible so as not to overload the collection operators. Remember to prepare your textiles properly by respecting the instructions for depositing them in the dedicated containers:

  • Group the clothes in tightly closed bags
  • Tie the shoes in pairs
  • Leave your clothes both in good condition and worn. Warning: no wet or soiled clothes (oils, paint, etc.)

In order to help us as much as possible to respect the exceptional measures taken by the Government, please:

  • Comply with the prevention instructions requested by the Government,
  • Limit your trips to sorting points as much as possible, and wash your hands after depositing your waste,
  • Keep your hazardous and bulky waste for later disposal in a recycling center.
  • Everyone is asked to show good citizenship.
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