The Indira Gandhi National Open University is the top open university in India and is also one of the biggest universities on this planet. IGNOU is a government of India approved university that offers the top higher education learning or distance learning courses in India. The students who take IGNOU admission for any specific course do not need to attend regular classes and also extra period of time is provided to them so that they can complete the course they have opted for. 

Reasons why your should choose IGNOU for distance Education in India

Because of its spread presence: IGNOU has 67 regional centers, more than 2600 study centers all across the Indian sub-content which ensures higher education for students from every nook and corner of the country. The 67 regional centers consists of 47 IGNOU regional centers, nine North-East Regional centers, Six Army Regional Centers, Four Navy regional centers and one Assam rifles center.

 All these regional centers have numerous study centers under them which have been as a solution for the different situations and challenges faced by different students who want to pursue higher education. Hence IGNOU ensures higher education for all the people residing in India through distance education in India in a more convenient way.

Has many academic counselors: IGNOU has more than 54,000 academic counselors who work in part-time basis and provides solutions for the queries and issues of the students of the university. So, a student can also get the guidance of teachers even when he is pursuing a distance course from IGNOU.

Provides quality education: Inspite of being an open university, IGNOU provides sustainable as well as learner centric education to all the students who seek IGNOU admission. All the IGNOU courses are well researched, skills upgradation and proper training is also provided to all the students by using modern technologies and methodologies.

Numerous courses offered: IGNOU offers a total of 228 courses including degree, certificate, diploma programs. No matter whether you are from science background or arts or commerce, if you want to pursue your higher education from IGNOU, you will be able to find a perfect course for you. Besides IGNOU also offers certificate courses which are of short durations and are best for working people who want to improve their resumes. There are many people who want promotion by getting a degree in MBA, but cannot attend regular classes because of their jobs. The MBA courses offered by IGNOU are the best for these kinds of people.

Caters to learners from across India: IGNOU is the only university in India that caters to learners from every corner of the country. So, IGNOU is not only the university for the urban people, but also for people from rural and tribal areas, disability groups, jail inmates and rehabilitation center, government and private organizations, house wives who can pursue the distance courses offered by IGNOU. 

Besides all the above mentioned reasons, affordability is another main reason that makes IGNOU different from other universities. 


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