Becoming a coach

Coaching is a fulfilling profession in which one gets the satisfaction of watching one’s clients reach their highest potential. The immense demand for coaches has also made this an extremely lucrative career option. With growing demand, the requirement for certified and credentialed coaches had grown. Most clients expect to work with an accredited coach. ICF is a world-renowned body which has several pathways for attaining a Coaching certification. The most popular of these pathways are the ACTP and ACSTH. 

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Understanding ACSTH coaching

The ICF Approved Coach Specific Training Hours or ACSTH is a pathway that allows coaches to attain either an ACC or both and ACC/ PCC certification as per their need and requirement.  For this reason, the ICF ACSTH can also be referred to as the ‘a la carte’ coach training pathway’. ACSTH coach training also helps coaches to train with credentialed coaches, polish their skills and fine-tune their coaching methods making them a cut above the other coaches. The ACSTH coach training pathway can help students, entrepreneurs or managers acquire a professional coaching accreditation. 

Course details of ACSTH coach training pathway

Through the ACSTH coach training pathway, aspirants can work towards applying for both ACC and PCC credentials. For ACC credentials, an individual needs to complete 60 hours of ACSTH coach training program along with 10 hours of mentoring. Once an individual completes mandatory 100 hours of coaching, s/he can apply to ICF for ACC credentials. For PCC credentials, an individual needs to complete a 65-hours ACSTH coach training program along with 10 hours of mentoring. Once an individual completes mandatory 500 hours of coaching, s/he can apply to ICF for PCC credentials. ACSTH coaching has one-on-one mentor training sessions along with self-study hours. Performance evaluation for the ACSTH pathway is done by the ICF assessors.

Five Benefits of ACSTH coach training program for individuals

ACSTH pathway of coach training program supports aspiring coaches in obtaining ICF certifications or accreditations with a degree of flexibility. It is the preferred coach training program for corporate leaders, students and entrepreneurs allowing them to decide if they want to complete ACC and PCC step by step or directly go for PCC.

  1. Prospective Coaches who join the ACSTH program, are evaluated only by ICF, which serves to provide a gravitas to their achievement of either ACC or PCC accreditation thus, enhancing program credibility.
  2. ACC credentials and PCC credentials, both, can be acquired through the successful completion of ACSTH pathway. The ‘a la carte approach’ gives a bit of flexibility for those looking to sharpen their coaching skills but not yet sure about taking on coaching as a career. Once PCC credentials are acquired, coaches can consider taking their career higher by pursuing Master Certified Coach (MCC).
  3. ACSTH coach training program helps ambitious and hardworking professionals who apply coaching in their day-to-day activities like entrepreneurs and Human Resources managers to add to their skills.  It prepares them for pursuing higher levels of ICF credentials and also aids them in taking on coaching as a career if they so desire. 
  4. New and practicing coaches can also attain an accreditation directly from ICF using the ACSTH pathway. They can opt to acquire only ACC or both ACC and PCC certifications based on their time availability and requirement. 
  5. The ACSTH pathway can be beneficial for those who already have an ACC certification and are looking to advance to a PCC accreditation. They do not have to repeat the preliminary levels on this pathway as compared to the ACTP. 

ACSTH is one of the common pathways for acquiring an ICF accreditation and becoming a coach. Acquisition of ICF credentials provide credibility to coaches in all spheres of professional life even if they do not become practicing Coaches. The credentials show their commitment to being better at managing and coaching teams in their chosen professions and helps them get recognised for their efforts in helping others reach their goals.

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