Rewording sentences is a difficult cognitive skill that emphasizes the need to connect thoughts to form a coherent and complete sentence. 

The act of re-thinking a sentence after it is written down, or the act of reconsidering, is what manipulates the structure, or the information presented.

It also engages the mind, takes you out of your usual trance, and wakes up your consciousness to the possibility of re-thinking. Like any other exercise, rewriting sentences is a skill that should be practiced over and over for your cognitive functions to become sharp, fluent, and precise.

It is one of the many ways that aid and promote the learning of language. If you are struggling to find exercises to practice this skill, enlisted are two simple ways that engage you to write or rewrite sentences!

2 Ways to Achieve an Ideal Rewriting 

1. Make Your Sentence Shorter:

Select a sentence from a passage you are reading, an article you just read, or even a conversation you just had with someone. Is it a complete sentence, or it only partially completes the thought that you want to convey? Then rewrite that sentence so that it becomes complete. 

There are many techniques and tools you can use to reword sentences, but the one that we are providing you with is an extremely simple technique that can be used in any sentence. 

The method to make an incomplete sentence complete begins with identifying the premise of your sentence. What is the request that you are making in the beginning? It may be a question or even an answer. The second step of this method is to identify the main idea. This idea is the gift that wraps your incomplete sentence in the purpose. It supports the premise that you have stated and presents the outcome.

For example, your old sentence maybe, “My mother cooks.” This sentence is incomplete as it does not imply any relationship. The sentence portrays that the person in question has the ability to cook. In this case, the sentence is replaced with, “My mother cooks dinner every evening.” This sentence implies that the person in question cooks regular dinner for the family, and that is the outcome.

2. Simplify with Maintaining the Focus:

In this exercise, you rewrite your sentence so that it becomes easy to read and understand, but the original meaning is still intact. To keep the original focus of your sentence intact, your sentence must also be completed by writing new sentences.

In this exercise, you have to revise your sentence, but with the purpose of making it simple, short, and uncomplicated. You may have to add some words but make sure that the meaning does not alter.

As you rewrite your sentence, think of ways that you could express your sentences more successfully by dividing them into small words that you can easily connect.

Example of a simple sentence: “She drowned in love with a mysterious stranger.” It has a few adjectives and a passive voice and is full of complex words; however, it is still intelligible.

Rewrite the sentence into a simple sentence by replacing the complex words with short words: “She fell in love with a handsome stranger.” Generated by rewrite tool– A smart and trusted webtool that reword sentences and paragraphs. 


  1. The game was canceled because it rained.
  2. How do we divide the fruit between the six of us?
  3. Technology is driving people to be less social.


  1. The game was canceled because it was raining.
  2. How many pieces of fruit can we have between six of us?
  3. Technology plays a major role in driving people to lose their social skills.
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