Even though you have chosen the best accommodation at York University, moving with a stranger can be profoundly traumatic, especially if you live away from home for the first time. However, some students believe that dorm sharing is as simple as a pie sharing because they used to share a room with their siblings at home or with friends on a summer camp. On the other hand, due to lack of reference system for room sharing, most pupils struggle to live with an utter stranger at the York University Housing.

By using the following tips, you will have a good dorm experience with mutual respect and friendship between you and your roommate:

  • The Code Of Silence

It may be possible that you have a different schedule as compared to your roommate. Besides, your study time may be different from your roommate since you would like to study early in the morning and your roommate tends to study late. Whatever the case, ensure that you are considering enough about your room partner’s schedule if you want your roommate to be similarly accommodative.

  • Permission

If you ask for permission before using any belongings of your roommate, it goes a long way in maintaining the harmony of your room. It is very easy to cross the line with strangers as you are not well acquainted with them.

  • Neatness/Cleanliness

If two people share a small room, things clutter easily. But, when you keep your room side neat and tidy, your colleague will want to follow the same. It not only brings peace and joy but also helps to maintain a positive atmosphere in your room.

  • Be Considerate

Never put your roommate in an awkward situation like without informing him/her inviting your special friend in your room. Thus ensure to talk to your roommate about the arrival of someone else in your room. In this way, when your special friend comes, he/she will be ready to give you space.

  • Protect Your Items

To avoid losing your precious items, keep them locked in a secure safe. It is a well saying,” Prevention is always better than cure”. So, it is much better to keep your valuable things safe instead of pointing anyone guilty for being lost them.

  • Practice Good Bathroom Sharing

The bathrooms are one of the most important spaces in every house. If you share them with anybody, make sure to make terms of using it and with which you both agreed. It’s also important to keep it clean because bathrooms get messy quickly afte

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