With the boom in India’s corporate sector, business management courses have been highly sought-after in the higher education sphere. Every year, the country witnesses lakhs of students enrolling in B-schools for MBA programs. However, with internet gaining groundin almost every sector, a gradual shift is happening in management education space as well. People are opting for online MBA program more than ever, reason being that online courses are matching up to what is being taught in traditional B-schools.

The significance of a quality online MBA program cannot be overstated mainly because at times like today when the competition in business environment is tough, no one would want to put their career on hold in order to pursue further education. In fact, surveys have been drawn out by the faculty members at Jaro Education, a Mumbai based ed-tech service provider, from which it is evident that online learning not only allows you to work towards your future career but succeed in your present as well. This is because of the flexible class timing, exam schedule and a comprehensive curriculum with the integration of hands-on learning.

In the corporates, the most employable candidates are those who are experienced and have been exposed to real-time business environment. Fortunately, most of the top management institutes that have forayed in the online education domain have started offering global immersion programs. This provides students the opportunity to successfully implement their business management skills they have learnt through the courses. Similarly, at Jaro Education, students are given practical business training. The curriculum of online MBA in financial market the organization offers in association with NSE Academy is integrated with practical online trading course and simulated live market trading exposure under the mentorship of experts from finance industry. With this, students get exposed to a sea of diverse opportunities thus enhancing their employability. Moreover, with the diversity in specializationsonline MBA program offers, opening new career paths for the students, its significance is as substantial as its traditional counterparts.

While the importance of pursuing MBA is well known considering the diverse yet comprehensive curriculum with live video lectures in virtual classrooms, it is most evident in today’s time when the pandemic outbreak has caused major disruption in the education sector – leading to shutdown of schools and colleges. In this regard, isn’t online education the best resort?


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