You have saved up and are determined to buy quality leather shoes (rather than cheap shoes that look questionable).

Well done. However, putting the price on a pair of shoes is not necessarily a guarantee of quality.Certain brands, ever more eager for large margins, do not hesitate to increase prices without quality following suit.Want some tips to make sure you’re making a good investment and that the shoes you want will last a long time? From kev’s best you can have the best deal.

This is precisely the purpose of this article, so let’s go

Note:We have summarized the points to absolutely check when buying a pair of shoes in a free, illustrated checklist which fits on one page and which you can download here.This way, you will always have the essentials on hand when you go hunting to find the pair of your dreams.

Before getting to the heart of the matter, let’s quickly go over the question of the budget.

So yes, just because you buy more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better.

However, with custom-made shoes – therefore generally over € 1,000 – you will have incomparable comfort and a unique quality of manufacture!

But that’s a whole different thing from the “ready-to-fit” shoes I’m talking about in this article.

Conversely, do not expect to find quality leather shoes that will last 5, 10, 15 or 20 years with a budget of 100/150 €.

It’s just impossible and whoever tells you otherwise is a hell of a liar

We consider that to buy a nice pair of shoes (for your wedding, for example) you should spend between 250 and 500 €.

Yes we know it is very wide.But, as we will see, there are a lot of criteria and, inevitably, this causes significant price differences.Be careful when you buy because once again it is not because you put € 400 in a pair of leather shoes that it will be of good quality.

On a custom shoe: almost everything is done by hand

We could also simply tell you to take a look at the page presenting all our models of leather shoes. But we prefer to give you the advice beforehand and if then you take the plunge you will be able to see the quality of the shoes that we offer you.

Note: if at the same time you want to buy a belt associated with your shoes, we advise you to read our guide on the leather belt for men.If you do not know what to buy we invite you to read the article detailing you 5 pairs of men’s shoes essentials.

Knowing how to recognize quality leather shoes

  • You saw it and at first glance it was love at first sight.
  • You absolutely needed this pair.
  • By dint of searching right and left, leaving messages on different forums you have finally found it.

But you run into a problem, its price.

So yes we know when you love you don’t count but, as beautiful as it is, you don’t want to throw your money out the window and that’s normal. Here are the things to check before knowing if the pair of your dreams is worth the price displayed on its label.

Leather quality

This is one of the most important parts.

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