Now more than ever, parents are looking for ways to keep their children safe, entertained, and learning at home during these pandemic. With all the resources shared to you by anyone and anything you can read on the web, it can be challenging to figure out which ones are best for your kid. 

Many are starting the K12 online school Walla Walla the same way they ended it – via computer screen, virtually.  Many enjoy it as they still can study in the comfort of their home but many aren’t happy about this setup. However, this pandemic left the world with no choice. 

They miss their friends and the routine of normal school, plus they get Zoom and G-Meet fatigue, many can relate to that. The remote learning setup is easier said than done. There are many things that can cause your child to easily get distracted from their lessons. Coming up with new ways to keep them engaged at what they do is challenging, especially when you are balancing the task of being a mom, a teacher to your child, your work and other obligations. 

Here are some tips on how to maintain their focus while still enjoying online school Walla Walla: 

  1. Make it a game – game is fun

Think of a game where you can incorporate their lessons. Turn review activities into drills or games – can be guessing or memory games. This is an effective way on how you can make them enjoy themselves while reviewing. 

  1. Pay attention to their interests

Take a minute of your time to observe or ask your kids what they love and enjoy to do during their free time. From there, you can find a way, may it be a game or an assignment that fit their passion and use it in a lesson. 

  1. Make it practical 

Instead of telling your kids that there is a purpose for every leasson, give them a more concrete example. It will interest them to ask more and keep their head in the lesson. 

Make use of the handy resources and be creative. There are so many great online learning resources you can use at home. But, it’s equally important to remember to give your kids’ eyes and bodies a break from screens. 


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