Pegasus International School is a child-centred preschool aiming to provide high-quality early childhood experiences in a welcoming, safe and engaging environment. Its inquiry-based curriculum makes learning enjoyable, enabling students to grow and advance confidence. It encourages children’s imagination, social, emotional, and physical development through hands-on explorations, indoor and outdoor interactions, and innovative music, movement, and visual arts. It uses a holistic approach to help children develop self-confidence, and it emphasizes the importance of appreciating and accepting cultural differences.

Ranked as one of the top 10 preschool in Singapore, Pegasus aims to help preschoolers learn and improve all three areas: mind, body, and consciousness. Pegasus believes that a child’s education should include prosocial skills, character growth, physical well-being, and consciousness in addition to academics. They bring children to the next level by using creative methods and techniques to grasp basic concepts in language, mathematics, the arts, and physical growth, all of which as inspired by their passions. Experiential learning, according to Pegasus, integrates perception, imagination, and purposeful experiences in early childhood education.

Language and Literacy, Numeracy, World Discovery, Aesthetics and Creative Expression, Self and Social Awareness, and Motor Growth are among the developmental domains in which Pegasus produces great results. Pegasus is a Reggio Emilia-inspired inquiry-based preschool in Novena that aims to provide high-quality early childhood experiences for children ages 18 months to six years. They aim to foster children’s natural curiosity about learning. Pegasus promotes and instills the importance of lifelong learning in them.

Pegasus Learning Cycle

Pegasus Learning Cycle is a multi-phased learning cycle that illustrates the process of inquiry in pre-school Singapore. The learning cycle takes children through investigations that raise knowledge of the world and enable them to explore resources, followed by concept construction that they must understand; and the application or extension of the concept to circumstances. It focuses on a set of measures that promote a more in-depth understanding and implementation of content. The learning cycle provides teachers with a method for instructing students while also providing students with a formula for learning.

The concept of the learning cycle was first proposed in response to Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget’s about how children learn. Piaget’s work aimed to align content mastery with a student’s cognitive growth. Exploration, concept development (also known as an invention), and concept application are the three stages in the learning cycle. The Learning Cycle, inspired by David Kolb, an American educational theorist, states that learning occurs as a result of a transformation of experiences.

Pegasus strives to engage with students, peers, and parents regularly constructively and warmly. They have experienced, trained, and hand-picked educators to assist each child in their educational journey. They abide by the Ministry of Education’s Kindergarten guidelines; and the Early Childhood Development Agency’s (ECDA) standards for child care services. Pegasus International Preschool’s low teacher-to-child ratio ensures that students have an immersive, enjoyable, and healthy learning experience.

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