As a student, to write an excellent essay, you will need to start by avoiding the principal errors that you commit. Here is, according to my experience of the corrector, the five most common errors to avoid in dissertation.

Botch the last part

In my experience, the majority of students finish their dissertation in an emergency (even exceeding the allotted time), sweat, fighting wrist cramps while trying to convince themselves that they can still write faster.

The obvious consequence of this mismanagement of time is that the last part of the copy (often the III) leaves something to be desired compared to the previous ones: it is not only illegible, but it is also shorter and on the bottomless relevant.

However, the corrector cannot fail to be seized by the imbalance of the text, which will leave him a strong taste of unfinished. If this defect does not prejudge the quality of the reflection, it is still major insofar as it means that the student has not completed the exercise.

So how do you explain this so common mistake?

The sloppiness of the last part is primarily a problem of organization. When you engage in writing, do not plan things on a wet finger; but to know precisely the duration of the remaining test and to assign the same portion of time to each large part (by also envisaging about ten minutes to re-read the copy). Try to check out professional writers at myadmissionsessay company.

Ignore The Plan

It is very rare that a good copy is based on a bad idea, even on a medium plane. Conversely, an effective plan is, almost certainly, the guarantee of a good rating.

But the bad plans are diverse and varied.

When I read a copy, sometimes I cannot identify the plan. It may already be a “visual” absence, as the student does not bother to announce the plan or separate the parts in his copy. It is more often an absence “intellectual”: the intention is not structured on the bottom, which makes it very difficult to introduce the parts and to articulate them with transitions.

The most common problem is the organization of the parties. If they are not bad in themselves, they do not follow one another, are not connected logically; they do not form a whole; nor do they reveal the progress of reflection.

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