That’s it, you are decided, and you will start: you will become a designer. And that’s fine.

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But whether you start a course in this area or you have acquired your talent as an autodidact, here is a list of things you must remember.

Read all the books. Then forget them

For sure, design books have things to teach you. It would be more than a shame to ignore them, to miss this great source of information. But learn to detach yourself too. Life will always be your best teacher, including in the field of design. Do you feed books but do not stop at what is presented there.

It’s your art, not your whole life

Even if design is your passion, you do not have to put all your life in his hands.

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Learn to balance things out: if you eat design, think design, dream design constantly, you will not have the necessary perspective to actually produce quality content. And also remember that you have the right to make mistakes: you may miss a creation, not your life.

Your room for improvement starts now

Nobody can become the best of artists in a single day. Yes, it is quite possible that your current works do not yet trigger the enthusiasm of the crowds. It is with your work, your years of experience, that you will get more and more admiring reactions.

In the meantime, take the opportunity to test, mix tools and techniques: the most comfortable time for an artist, it is perhaps the one where nobody expects anything from him.

Create your own opportunities

Do not wait for projects and missions to arrive. Go get them. Every day, you will have to move forward and prove yourself. But you also have the means to put yourself forward, to meet the people who will advance your career. It just means you get out of your cocoon and face the next wave. You are capable of it.

It’s the best job. And the worst

Working in a field that we love is an extraordinary opportunity, which can also become a nightmare depending on the people you will be confronted with (colleagues and clients). Never forget that you do it because you like it. And also that it is only a job.

On the other hand, nothing prevents you from continuing to create just for the pleasure, out of the forced context of the commands. This is the best way to keep track of the “fun” aspect.

Everyone has a cousin who knows how to draw

Like most people who have artistic jobs, you will be regularly confronted by people who will tell you that:

  • What you are doing is too easy / is just a hobby
  • Finally they will not use the project you have just spent a week but rather order the cousin of their neighbor
  • You can do what you want, that they have no specific ideas for their order (the worst).
  • Assume your skills and, above all, how to affirm them. 
  • You will see, it will serve you.
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