Whether you are looking at visiting a friend or family, or you just want to take on some of the sites that are available in Canada or even is you’re there to figure out if Canada is the right place for you to move to – you need to take the help of a Canada Visa consultant, who can tell you more about Canada visitor visas. Generally a visitor visa allows tourists to stay for on up to 6 months at a time. Even though the Canadian government has been working hard for a while now to encourage young skilled workers to be able to make Canada their final home. And even though economic immigration to Canada has become much faster and much more efficient in recent years, it is a fantastic time to be able to explore  what Canada has to offer to you as a visitor as well.

The only exception there is, if you are from a country that is Visa exempted otherwise you  need a visitor Visa which is also known as a temporary resident visa in order to enter Canada. If you are thinking for a study permit in which case you can use the services for Canada student visa consultant in Ahmedabad , or if you are looking for a work permit then the temp Resident Visa will be included as a part of your application. However, if you want to just visit Canada then you will have to apply for a visitor visa separately on your own. We would advise that you use the services of a good Canada visa consultant in Ahmedabad to help you with all the hassle.

Canada offers two kinds of visitor visa namely, single entry and multiple entries. The single entry Visa allows foreign nationals to cross Canada once and just at the name suggests, multiple entry visas means that you can enter and exit the country as often as you like within the given time frame pf the visa duration. Generally, a visitor visa is started for a period maximum of up to 6 months however the actual duration of the Visa will be decided by the immigration officer who is handling your case. In case you have children or grandkids living in Canada then you are also eligible for a super visa for parents and grandparents which is actually a multiple entry Visa. This Visa allows you to stay in the country for up to 2 years at a  time which will help you in spending much more time with your loved ones. Hence, we would advise that you discuss this option with a Canada visa consulted Ahmedabad that is if you are eligible for it. 

There is an option to extend your Visa from inside Canada only if the temporary status is still valid for you. If you stay behind on an expired is the Visa with no information on extension application under your name, it can actually jeopardize any future immigration plans you might have. Any good immigration consultant in Ahmedabad will advise you against this, so it is best that you discuss all the options beforehand. If you do apply and have completed the extension application before the expiration of your Visa then you can stay in Canada underemployed status till the time your application is processed.


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