The internet has made education much more accessible and convenient. Decades ago, if you wanted to learn a new language, like Mandarin, you had to enrol in a class and attend each one. If you wanted to learn Mandarin by yourself, you had to buy books or go to the library. Now, it’s easier, cheaper, and more convenient to learn Mandarin online instead. A licensed teacher can still help you while you stay home in online classes.

However, it’s still something you need to get used to, especially if you’re accustomed to onsite lessons. Here are three tips to help you excel in your Mandarin Chinese classes.

Find a good teacher.

If you’re looking for a Chinese course in Singapore to enrol in, pay attention to any reviews. If you sign up for a teacher who doesn’t know what they’re doing, learning will only become harder for you. Find an effective teacher with lots of satisfied students.

Review outside your classes.

One session of a Chinese course in Singapore usually takes an hour and a half. However, that schedule might not be enough, especially if the class doesn’t meet every day. To progress, you need to set aside time in your day to review what you’ve learned. If you don’t, you’ll have forgotten everything you learned in the next lesson. Try to study Mandarin 10 hours a week to remember everything you’ve learned.


It’s not enough to translate what one word is from English to Mandarin. A huge benefit to signing up for an online Chinese class is to have classmates. These classmates have the same goal as you, so you’d be helping each other by trying to speak to one another in Chinese. There are also websites where Chinese language speakers are trying to learn English. You can reach out to these people and help with each other’s goals.

Sign up for skillsfuture courses in Chinese by visiting Stanford Language Centre, where certified experts can teach you to become a master at the language.

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