A good foundation in the English language is essential for pupils who want to explore more of the world. For this reason, more parents are signing up their children for English tuition in Singapore to obtain the proper knowledge.

It is because your child can develop a global perspective and the foundational skills necessary for their future when engaging in this programme. Learn more about what you can expect from it.

  1. Learn how to communicate

Communicating isn’t as easy as it may sound. With the guidance of a well-trained and enthusiastic teacher in an O level English tuition centre in Singapore, students will learn how to communicate their views openly and effectively in various contexts.

  1. Get one-on-one attention

For primary students needing more attention to review, a PSLE English tuition will ensure they get a customised and one-on-one. A tutor will do their best to get to know your child better, their learning style, and any particular learning issues that need help.

  1. Show progress

For parents with a secondary-level child taking O level English tuition, like for primary, you will also get a progress report. You can track your child’s progress and learning objectives since a centre guides a parent on how their child is doing.

  1. Learn to use English confidently

When you sign your child up for English tuition in Singapore, they will learn how to use the language in various situations. They will find themselves speaking confidently in presentations, dialogues, videos, and conversations.

  1. Become critical thinkers

Students can only acquire the subsequent topics effectively if they first master the subject’s foundations. Grammar, vocabulary, and word usage are critical, especially in English, requiring students to be fluent.

Learn English with the help of Augustine’s English Classes! They are an O Level English tuition centre in Singapore with proven methods to develop your child’s abilities. See their class schedule!

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