Learning Chinese the right way can be too vague and complex. Is there a definite pathway to learning the language quick enough? If you are helping your child learn the language by taking them to a Mandarin holiday camp or Chinese playgroup in Singapore, learning them at home is still fundamental for retaining the info.

If your child is starting at level 1, don’t expect to for an overnight or a single-week transformation. Learning Chinese takes time. Even if you bring your child to a Mandarin holiday camp in Singapore, they will still need help from time to time. Nonetheless, you can simplify and make your child’s learning quick with these tips:

Master the basics

Without the basics, learning advanced concepts can be difficult. Mistakes tend to happen more often. Thus, as your child learns, you need to help him familiarise himself with the core basics, such as learning traditional Chinese characters and simple words, before writing sentences.

Have a consistent learning schedule

Once your child knows the workaround and the basics of the Chinese language, it’s about time to set a specific learning schedule. As a parent, having a learning schedule increases learning retention, which is a crucial foundation for mastery and efficient studying. Keep in mind that practising helps your child learn fast!

Memorise characters

If your child is familiar with the characters, it’s time to give it a test to help memorise—which is also crucial for learning Chinese fast. Even if your child is taking campus or online Chinese tuition in Singapore, your child still needs to make daily repetition to help their learning remain in mind permanently.

Practice what your child learns

The best way to practice what your child learns can be through verbal or non-verbal forms. Whether it’s an interaction or a test in written form, practising what they learn is essential for fuelling their motivation and keeping up with the momentum.

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