First impressions are important in all aspects of life. People tend to judge very quickly on first impressions, rightly or wrongly. The same principle applies to businesses, particularly in the services industry. Therefore I’ll make the case for why investing a substantial amount in property design and the customer experience could pay off.

Customers can be influenced by the way business properties look. Factors such as design, layout and style are important elements in the customer experience when inside the property. A good example of where design has an important impact on the service experience is a beauty or hair salon.

Salons are typically used as a place of pampering; therefore, it is important that the customer feels relaxed and welcome. This is likely to result in repeat custom and a good reputation for the salon.

How to achieve the perfect customer atmosphere

Careful consideration should be given to the design of business premises. In the case of a hair salon, design should reflect the type of establishment and the type of customer it aims to attract. Hair salons are typically designed to be modern and trendy to attract style conscious customers. A salon’s style is critical in defining its brand image. This will help to set it apart from competitors.

Everything from the use of colour and signage to the logo contributes to a brand image. However, it is also how a business communicates its values and customer promise. All of these factors are brought together to make a customer feel like they are in a professional establishment.

A professional establishment is achieved by good layout as well as tasteful and appropriate design. Therefore ensure you have invested in the right property. In a salon environment, layout plays an important role in the function of the business as well as its overall look. Employees of the business must also feel comfortable with the layout of the salon. It needs to be practical as well as inviting.

Arguably, the most important area in a salon is the reception. This is the first place customers encounter before moving further into the business premises. Therefore, on the basis that first impressions count, it is important to get this right.

From a practical point of view, a salon’s layout should include good storage, plenty of room for manoeuvring around wash basins and customer chairs and a place to process transactions. Getting these practical things right is an important means of increasing customers. An increase in customers may also provide opportunities to grow. Therefore, it is also worth considering whether investing in an expansion is a possibility. If expansion is possible, hair salons can grow into other areas of the beauty sector such as nails, waxing, spa and facial treatments.

Investing in the perfect layout

The perfect layout is achieved with careful planning and knowing how to use space effectively. A professional layout is complemented with furniture and attractive decor. Salon owners can buy wholesale salon furniture from a wide range of outlets. This includes everything from designer to chic budget ranges. All of the best property investment books will also point out that location matters almost as much as design.

It is important to consider design and layout to achieve a successful business. With careful planning and an eye for style, salon owners can create the perfect atmosphere for customers to enjoy, leaving them with the desire to return.

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