One of the main goals of English language teachers is to teach learners how to express themselves. Paraphrasing is an important knowledge that allows students to improve their ability to communicate beyond existing language knowledge. That is, it is a powerful skill that helps students to continue to learn new words or phrases similar to those they know. A casual statement by a student warned the writers that Internet-based paraphrasing methods exist and prevalent. The wide variety and availability of online paraphrasing tools providing free services to paraphrase vast sections of text, ranging from sentences to paragraphs, was illustrated by a subsequent fast search.

The perfect way to comprehend the meaning of what people have read

The simple access to on-line paraphrasing resources encourage students to submit their work or rewrites previously published documents for the purpose of self-plagiarism in the case of academics and other writers. Students who position their faith online paraphrasing instruments as a simple way to meet the requirement for originality in submissions are at risk with regard to the quality of the results produced and therefore failing to achieve the learning results, as the information they have compiled might not be fully understood.

Academic writing is based primarily on the paraphrasing ability to show that the author can comprehend the meaning of what people have read and use the facts to support the answers. Higher education requires a student to paraphrase the reading and the writing of a book. While it seems as if there is a basic presumption that students and scientists recognize and agree that the convention on paraphrasing and correct usage is normal.

Take assistance from the online tool to paraphrase 

The prevalence of digital technology and Internet-based sources and their easy access has changed the way in which information is created, communicated, and evaluated. Nevertheless, from an educational point of view, the consistency, usefulness, validity, and reliability of certain Internet-based content are uncertain. The tools used on the Internet are text treatment applications consistent with the same methods used for machine translation. There are obvious variations in the system used for reengineering the original work of the online paraphrasing tools on the basis of the number of recognizable correspondences between original and output texts. 

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