Your average state sees a graduation rate of roughly 80% or so from high school. That means that most employers are looking for professionals that have at least met that standard and perhaps even completed some college courses.

If you’re in the process of applying for a job but have found yourself unable to fork over proof regarding your high school graduation, rather than losing out on the opportunity, take steps immediately to get your diploma replaced.

Not sure how to answer the, “I lost my high school diploma, what should I do,” question? Our team has you covered.

In this post, we go over simple steps you can take that will get a diploma back into your hands, fast.

  1. Contact Your Former Learning Institution

When people ask us, “I lost my high school diploma, what should I do,” the first thing we suggest is contacting their learning institution. Learning institutions keep historical records on graduates and should be able to validate that you graduated. They might even be able to send you an official diploma replacement or some other type of proof that will satisfy your job requirements.

Getting an official replacement high school diploma from a learning institution can take a while to arrive at your home. For that reason, even after engaging your former school, we recommend that you…

  1. Engage a Replica Company

Have a look online and you’ll see that there are quality companies out there that are capable of making stunting, replica diplomas you can use to satisfy your job requirements. Since you’ve actually graduated, if an employer chooses to dig into your replica certificate by calling your school, they would validate that you graduated, so there’s no downside to replica orders.

Just be sure the company you engage in has a reputation of producing quality work that won’t be called into question by onlookers.

  1. Be Prepared With Your Important Graduation Information

For a replica company to whip up your diploma, they’re going to need details pertaining to your graduation. Those include things like your official name, school name, and date of graduation.

Can’t remember things like your official graduation date? Call your former school and ask them when graduation took place the year you graduated. You can also lookup historical records online.

  1. Use Instant Digital Copies if Time Is of the Essence

We’ve seen diploma replica companies rush documents to job-seekers via overnight mail. If you need a copy of your diploma immediately though, consider requesting a digital copy of your document in addition to the physical one coming in the mail.

Digital copies can be sent to replica buyers immediately and then shared with employers.

Your “I Lost My High School Diploma” Fears Are Over

Whether you take pride in showcasing your diploma or need it to share with employers, when you don’t have proof of your graduation accessible, things can get stressful. By following the steps above, you can get a diploma back into your hands, fast!

If you need more guidance on your “I lost my high school diploma,” questions or have any other lifestyle queries, we welcome you to check out additional content on our blog.

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