Before we start talking about the various aspect of the CQM course, it is very much important that we understand what this CQM is all about. First of all, we must know that CQM is nothing but a certified quality manager who does not only manage a team of workers but at the same time, they also lead and motivate the workers. This helps to get ensured that the company is producing some of the best products and services. The main responsibility of a qualified, certified manager is to supervise and lead the team so that they can improve the development system within the company. It is very much important that you have this professional certified degree if you want to stand out from the crowd.

The Reason Behind Taking the Course

There are several reasons why we need to take this course. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • To meet the mutual goal of both the contractor as well as the government, so that they can achieve the quality product mark, safely and also on-time delivery.
  • The NAVFAC CQM certification is a must for some of the construction contracts.
  • You will be astonished to know that the course certificate is awarded to only those who satisfy the complete one-day training class, and then they also need to pass the final exam.

The best thing is that after completing the certification course, the certificates will be good only for five years, and it is good for both the Army as well as the Navy projects.

If you want to deliver the quality project, then you must opt for the sponsored CQM certification course. Many things are taught in this certification course, like achieving the construction quality and to build it right for the first time. The best thing is that you will be reviewed with the government’s quality assurance role. Also, you will also be made familiar with the contractor’s quality control requirement. The course is provided both by the in-house government facilitators and also the selected civilians that are authorized by the NAVFAC and USACE. You can opt for the sponsored class, but if that does not meet your needs, then you can opt for the private class at your location. It has been noticed that a private class at the home office or the project site can help you to maximize the team’s productivity and also save a few travel expenses by bringing the teachers to the students.

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