IELTS exam refers to the International English Language Testing System which marks and determines the English language proficiency of candidates. The examination will test students and aspirants on their Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking skills in English. This exam is particularly important as it helps in student placements around the world. In fact, many countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the US, and the United Kingdom compulsorily consider the grading of IELTS for immigration and education purposes.

What documents to keep handy while paying the IELTS fees?

It is extremely important to have all necessary or required documents handy when one starts the application process of the IELTS exam. The fee payment is mostly done online due to convenience. However, not all individuals are adept at online fees payments. Here are a few documents that candidates must have handy when they are making the IELTS exam fee payment:

●     Passport

Your passport is issued by the government of your resident country i.e. the country from where you hold citizenship. If you are a citizen of India, your passport is issued in India. You should be ready with your passport number while paying your IELTS fee.

●     Identity Proof

This would be required prior to making the payment of your IELTS fee and you might be required to input some details.

●     Educational documents

You might be required to answer questions regarding your highest educational qualifications and hence you should be ready with the answers before submitting the application and paying your fee.

●     Credit or debit cards

If you are making an online payment, you would be required to have your debit or credit cards handy so that you can make the payments easily. If you choose other payment options, make sure to have those details such as net banking or UPI information with yourself.

How to apply for the IELTS exam?

Interested candidates who want to apply for the IELTS exam need to follow some specific steps to sit for the examination and obtain their grades. Here is a quick rundown of the process from application to IELTS fees payment and the exam process to help you navigate better:

1.   Gather you documents

IELTS requires a host of information about candidates during the application process so you need to keep all documents like passport, identity card, college or school documents, etc, handy so that you can find them easily.

2.   Register at the IDP IELTS website or office

Like any examination, IELTS will require you to register at their website and make the IELTS fees payment so that you can sit for the test. You can visit the IDP IELTS website and register online or drop in your registration form at your nearest IDP office.

3.   Exam center and date selection

Candidates who will register for the IELTS exam need to confirm their desired mode of exam along with their exam center and preferred exam date before the IELTS fees payment. No exam center is required in case of online exams.

4.   Pay IELTS exam fee online or offline

After candidates have completed the registration process and selected the exam dates, they will need to pay an IELTS fee which presently stands at ₹14,000.

IELTS is an exam that needs to be considered seriously if one wants to move abroad or build a career in a different nation. Since it’s an international exam, the application and registration process might be time-consuming and will require information from the candidates. You can take the help of study abroad platforms such as LeapScholar. Once you are in the process of applying for the exam, you need to be patient and organized so that you do not make any mistakes while applying for the IELTS exam.

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