Are you looking for top-notch universities to get admission into? Then you are in the right place. There are countless universities all around the world that is good not only for studying but also for international students.

Here is the list of best university that you can consider it taking admission there:

  1. Standford University

Standford is a high-quality institute offering a high standard of teaching facilities and research. It is on the top list in QS ranking. Many Nobel laureates are from this university. It has thousands of undergraduates and postgraduate students and consists of different buildings with parks, museums, and more. If you’re an overworked student, just ask experts “do my homework now” and enjoy the opportunities with it.

  1. Harvard University

This institute was established in 1636 making it the oldest university in its country. It is located in Cambridge in the USA. It has various academic links and has been on top for almost 10 years in the ranking list. Many important personalities are from this university.

  1. University of Sydney

It is in Australia and has a wide range of disciplines. It has a high-quality teaching facility, research, and academic links. They offered 800 courses and almost thousands of students enroll in each course. Leadership skills are the core part of a student studying there.

  1. Oxford University

Oxford University is the oldest university known in the UK and offers a lot of courses there for students. The studies here are of high quality and offer both graduate and postgraduate programs. There are high chances that students get a job during their studies.

  1. California Institute of Technology

California university is famous for its research in science and technology. It has extraordinary faculties and a studying environment that will produce more capabilities in students. However, it has high competition for selection.

  1. University of Tokyo

This university is in Japan and was formed in 1877. It offers many disciplines like law, finance, economics, science, technology, and many more. University comprises of many research institutes, buildings, libraries, and many more.

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This institute also from the USA and gives financial assistance to students as well. However, they are selective and only a few students are lucky enough to get admission in it. The campus includes students’ hostels, cafes, parks, and public work buildings.

  1. Seoul National University

Seoul University is located in Korea. It gives a competitive environment to the students to unleash their full potential. Courses are offered in both Korean and English languages and graduates have a bright future to find government jobs. It offers a wide range of subjects with high-quality academics and research.

  1. The University of Cambridge.

Cambridge University is the top university in the USA, founded in 1209. It has a long 800-year history. It has many students and has outstanding research facilities.

It has a long list of publications in an academic journal. It is categorized into six departments and each has won the Nobel prize. The categories are arts, sciences, technology, medicine, social sciences, and physical sciences.

  1. Imperial College London

Imperial College is UK’s top leading university and focuses on business, engineering, and science studies. It has connections with other universities. The College was built on Queen Victoria’s jubilee in 1887 and has the landmark of queen tower. This institute gave famous Nobel laurate, science fiction author, and another chief executive.


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