Choosing to send your child to an international school can be a difficult choice, but international schools offer an unparalleled education that cannot be found anywhere else. From academic excellence to arts education, international schools are designed to put their students first and provide the highest quality education possible. Check out top private international school in Cambodia.

Academic Excellence

An education from an international school will encourage your child to excel academically. If you enrol your child in an international school like The Perse School Singapore, for example, you can count on a history of academic excellence. At the Perse School, for example, 198 students have graduated and gone on to study at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

International Interaction

International schools are born from the merging of different cultural perspectives and educational practices to form a truly unique educational experience. An international school educational experience grants child the ability to better accept, understand, and adapt to different cultures.

Many international schools are specifically structured to have a global focus, especially Cambridge International or International Baccalaureate institutions. Cambridge International and International Baccalaureate institutions are designed to prepare students to be leaders and achievers anywhere in the world.

STEM Education

International schools are always looking to what the future may hold to better prepare their students. As a result, many international schools have integrated STEM learning into their curriculums.

STEM careers are growing rapidly around the world, and engaging students in STEM projects at a young age can foster a life-long love for science, mathematics, engineering, and technology. Therefore, many international not only include STEM in their curriculum but offer further STEM education through extracurricular activities, such as robotics and coding.

Arts Education

Arts education is vital to the development of students. It helps develop creativity, spurs social development, helps students develop self-confidence, and can even help them improve in traditional academic settings.

At a time when arts education is not prioritized, international schools recognize the importance of arts education in producing well-rounded students. Therefore, in addition to including art classes like music and art in their curriculum, they often also offer arts-focused extracurriculars, like school choir, band, and drama.

Incredible Resources

International schools tend to think outside the box when it comes to what defines a classroom. International schools value hands-on experiences and project-based learning, and their classrooms reflect that. Classrooms in international schools are optimized for collaboration between classmates and integrating technology into the classroom.

International schools also often have modern science labs, which allow students to see the scientific lesson they are learning first-hand. The outdoors are also often utilized by international schools as a classroom to further engage students unconventionally.

Of course, one of the most important resources at an international school is the staff. International schools have highly accredited, well-trained staff that is certain to help your child succeed academically and socially. By choosing an international school, you are giving your child access to all of the benefits listed above and more. The support and guidance of an international school can really help them to grow and succeed.

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