When thinking about pilots most people are thinking about airline pilots with great uniforms and polished shoes, but there are many other types of pilots. These passenger jet pilots do have most of the prestige, as well as benefits and great salaries. They usually work for airlines that we all know the names of and take passengers to points all around the world. They also get to see many places that the average person only reads about in books. It truly is a dream career.

Other careers for pilots

When you study for pilot careers the world of flying offers up so many opportunities that you might not realize. For example, there are cargo pilots who fly cargo from point to point. All goods shipping by air gets to another place usually on a cargo jet. These types of pilots don’t have to worry about passengers – just focus on flying. There is still the prestige and excellent salaries as well as benefits.


Or perhaps big jets are not your thing – you would rather be flying something small. These believe a career in crop-dusting is wide open for a trained pilot. These fly much smaller planes that spray crop fields with chemicals such as pesticides. There are many openings for pilot careers after training. 

Many flying schools

But no matter what pilot you want to be, you will need to take courses in flying and get a license. Once you are a licensed pilot the skies are open to you. Spartan is only one of the colleges that can help you get what you need to become a pilot, but there are also many others. But once you have that license, the opportunities are almost endless, or you could say “the sky’s the limit”.


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