Are you a teen looking for an alternative to the traditional classroom? Are you a parent seeking a quality education for your teen, but aren’t happy with your local schools? If so, there’s an option you may not have considered before: online homeschooling for high school. Here’s a run-down of why a student might choose this path, rather than attending a brick-and-mortar high school.


Does your child have difficulty conforming to the typical school schedule because of time-consuming outside interests (like professional acting lessons or athletic training) or health issues that lead to frequent absences? If you have learning challenges, you may have trouble keeping up with the teacher’s pace in the typical classroom. On the other hand, if you master the material quickly, you may want to move on before the rest of the class is ready. With online learning, you can complete assignments at your own pace, whenever and wherever it’s convenient, as long as you have a reliable Internet connection.

Curriculum Quality

Enrolling in an accredited online high school gives you access to rigorous coursework and certified teachers. Online schools can be just as good as, and in some cases better than, traditional schools, especially if your local school doesn’t have the resources to provide up-to-date textbooks and other course materials.

Student Services

With homeschooling online, you may have more opportunities to connect with teachers and receive academic support than you would at a traditional high school. At JMHS, students are assigned a Learning Advocate who can address any concerns they may have. Students can talk to their teachers via phone, email, or live chat. We also provide career guidance to help you transition from high school to college or career.

Freedom from Peer Pressure

The average high school isn’t always the most welcoming place to learn. Bullying, pressure to fit in, and other negative influences can make it difficult to focus on your schoolwork. Homeschooling for high school can provide a much-needed reprieve from a hostile school environment. Our school community consists of students of different ages and backgrounds. Social media and other platforms allow like-minded learners to connect and encourage each other as they pursue a common goal.

Online Homeschooling at JMHS

At JMHS, we provide general diploma and college-prep programs for students who are interested in online homeschooling. Ready to become a part of our school community? Contact us for more info or enroll today.

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