If we encounter a road accident, first, remember about our safety. It often happens that the person giving help becomes the victim of another – secondary accident. To avoid this, take training in erste hilfe kurs münchen hauptbahnhof. Although we are all obliged to help the victims of the accident, no one demands from us excessive heroism.

Don’t increase the number of victims

Your car should be stopped at a distance from the scene of the accident. Then turn on the hazard lights and high beam lights at night in such a way as to illuminate the scene of the accident. Place a warning triangle behind our car at a distance of at least 50 m. If we have a second one, we place it on the opposite side. Good signage is the basis of safety what you will be told in münchen erste hilfe kurs. Take the first aid kit and a fire extinguisher from the car put on disposable gloves and head to the scene. 

Calling for help

After reaching the car, turn off the engine and assess the situation. If you believe that the stay in the car is dangerous for the injured, they should be moved to a safe place. Otherwise, assist in the car. Remember to carefully assess the immediate surroundings of the crashed car. During an accident, people who are not fastened with seat belts may be thrown through the windows up to several meters!

After the initial assessment of the situation act as you were taught in erste hilfe kurs für führerschein münchen. Notify the emergency services or ask another person to do so. If it turns out that there is no mobile phone signal, secure the injured as much as possible and go for help yourself or ask one of the witnesses to go to a place where the coverage will enable the services to be notified.


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