The first six years of your child’s life are one of the most crucial parts of their development and growth. Apart from physical changes, a child’s mental landscape undergoes changes. They absorb everything around their environment. They learn how to pick cues, their personalities are moulded, and aspirations are being made. The brain develops rapidly during these periods. Hence every parent often takes their child to a local preschool in Singapore.

The active period is said to dictate the probable growth outcome for your child as they constantly learn, develop and adapt throughout these first few years. So how can parents take advantage of it in the most effective way possible? The answer lies in stimulating your child’s development.

Quality Learning Matters

Every parent desires a rewarding experience for their child as they grow. Their early journey deserves to be fruitful enough to reap the harvest of a better future. That’s why most parents look for a suitable preschool or kindergarten in Singapore that will help their child prepare for compulsory education.

Researchers often agree that high-quality learning experiences boost your child’s early language, social, and emotional skills. Literacy and maths were also of the many affected faculties that can be improved through quality learning. Overall, quality learning contributes to assembling the foundation needed to plan for your child’s next step to progress.

The Importance Of Stimulating Your Child For Better Learning


Now, to achieve an effective way for your child to learn, interacting with your child in a positive way is the best method for enhancing cognitive development. The key to unlocking quality learning lies in stimulating and providing a focused interaction starting in early childhood. Hence apart from taking your child to a local preschool centre, your household should provide enough activities to engage and interact with your child for learning.

Brain development does not require parents to bring their children to the most prestigious school and universities. It does not need you to have money and resources. Having sufficient interaction, guidance, and helpful activity for stimulation will come in very handy! Any parents can find success in taking advantage of their child’s earlier years to prepare them for bright future progress.

While it can be helpful for you to look for infant care in PasirRis, for example, on your computer or take your child to one of the best preschools, the amount of time they spend at home still matters. Their learning experiences are moulded in their school and home routine. What they experience helps them to be well determined, engaged and interested for a lifetime of learning.

Helpful Ways To Stimulate Your Child’s Brain Development For Better Learning Experience


Doing fun and engaging activities at home after preschool classes should help keep the momentum going for learning. Here are a few helpful activities and strategies to help your child have better brain development through proper stimulation:

Inspire your child to learn another language

Multilingual and bilingual children who are exposed to more than one language have a higher level of flexible thinking—enabling them to read, learn and solve problems faster. It also has its perks of having better concentration and focus. There are plenty more benefits to learning another language.

Teach and inspire them to learn more written and spoken language, even just a few sentences and vocabulary per day should do well enough. You can also learn together with your child if you don’t know the language. After all, it is an exciting activity you can do with your child whether they are taking preschool or not.

Listen to audiobooks

Another fun, easy and inexpensive way to stimulate their mind is to listen with them to audiobooks. Making a habit of listening to an audiobook is the best practice and strategy to beef up their reading skills and allow their child to access and read more advanced books. Not to mention, it will dramatically enhance your little one’s listening comprehension, fluency and pronunciation.

You can choose different accessible audiobooks to listen to, from classic literature to contemporary fiction. You can also let them choose to decide what to listen to. In that way, your child further advances at home during weekends after taking weekday preschool or kindergarten classes.

Read and sing with them

Reading and singing go hand in hand to improve their self-esteem and confidence. Both activities also affect visual imagery, emotions and even language. Your little one will find singing amusing and interesting since children are less sensitive to participating in such activities. So if you have spare time, why not go for a fun-family karaoke and binge reading with your child?

Do maths games

Maths can be a dreadful subject for grade school students. But don’t wait for your child to have the same outlook! While they are in their preschool period, you can make maths an intriguing subject to help your child discover and explore fundamental number concepts. Things like counting sequences and computation are one of the most essential basics of maths that your child can access when engaging in maths games.

It encourages your child to more advanced problem solving, place value, and determine patterns and other mathematical concepts.

Perform science experiments

Conducting science experiments is likely the most engaging method of learning and discovering science for young learners. Kids can be messy in nature. They are driven by curiosity and exuberance. Encouraging them with science experiments (that don’t involve using toxic and harmful compounds) such as simple ones, like homemade ice cream, bubble blowing, crafting a Ferris wheel with wood sticks, etc.

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