The subject of maths makes students cower for fear of getting low grades. They assume that it’s only for the naturally-born intelligent people. Algebra, trigonometry, and the likes are topics that make you think: why am I not good at numbers? It’s not for me so I must focus on other subjects. But wait, before you give up on this subject, you must know that there are plenty of ways to overcome your maths anxiety. One helpful method is to attend secondary math tuition in Singapore.

Tutorial services like maths tuition can help a student master some tips and tricks that make problem-solving easier! You’ll be surprised by how much you’ve improved at the end of the session. Furthermore, here are some tips for dealing with your maths anxiety

How to Overcome Maths Anxiety

Maths anxiety is a problem many students face; some are still in their middle school years, while others are in college. Those who didn’t outgrow their fears in maths may grow up believing they are not good enough. Although there are many fields outside maths, it’s better to at least believe in yourself when solving number problems. Start overcoming your anxiety with an O level math tutor in Singapore at a young age. Here’s how.

1) Practise Positive Self-Talk

Have you caught yourself saying: I’m not good at maths, so I’m not going to give it a shot? Primarily, you assume that you couldn’t do it, and without even trying it, you limit yourself because of negative self-talk. It will not help you in the long run because you’ll end up in this cycle: I can’t do it, so I’m not trying, limiting myself to achieving growth. To counter this negative mindset, try to do positive self-talk. Try to convince yourself that you can solve a maths problem.

Aside from thinking positively, you can also plan for actions about the things you should do to improve your skills, like attending an A math tuition centre. This way, you can cultivate your new mindset and bring a fresh perspective.

2) Organise Your School Items

Sometimes, organising can help ease your anxieties. It is because arranging your things gives you a sense of control. For instance, you can prepare your textbooks, rulers, calculators, and pencils or erasers. It can make you feel more confident about attending classes in your E math tuition in Singapore.

After organising your items, you can notice how you feel less anxious about your exams and activities in class. Mind you, that disorganisation can lead to more anxiety. That’s why try to clean your bag before your classes start again.

3) Time Management

Another way to overcome your maths anxiety is to have time management. You can allot a time for your study session in the morning, afternoon, and night. The key here is to study smart, not hard. As you do so, you can learn more and absorb the lessons from your secondary math tuition in Singapore.

In your time management, you should also include a resting period. Studying non-stop can drain your energy and brain. You might not understand the lessons from your tutor. The words and numbers may become blurry in your mind. So, set effective time management for better results.

4) Making Mistakes is 100% Okay

YDon’t pressure yourself by always getting perfect scores on your exam. Making mistakes is 100% okay, especially if you’re starting to attend the best math tuition centre in Singapore. Don’t beat yourself up when you get the wrong answers in an exam. Also, don’t try to compare yourself with your classmates when they get higher grades. Instead, focus on your improvement.

Your mistakes are also an excellent way to improve your weaknesses. For instance, if you failed an exam regarding trigonometry, it doesn’t mean that you’re not good at the subject. You only need more practice time. Once you familiarise yourself, everything will follow.

5) Practise Solving

Maths is not just about reading notes and memorising formulas. It would be best if you also practised solving until you familiarised yourself with the dos and don’ts of the systematic process. As such, you’ll be able to know which part of the entire solving strategy you need to improve. For example, if you’re solving a PEMDAS equation, you must remember that division and multiplication are first before plus and minus.

Luckily, your O math tuition in Singapore can also offer you activities that can help improve your maths skills. You can also ask your tutor to check your answers after answering the exercises and check what areas you need to improve.

6) Ask Questions

When attending your tuition classes, don’t be afraid to ask questions to your O level math tutor in Singapore. Sometimes, you only need clarification to ease your maths anxiety. Whether attending an online or physical class, don’t hesitate to ask your instructor when you find the lesson confusing. This way, you can better grasp your studies and how to handle the solving methods.

But, remember you need to be polite when asking questions to your instruction in the middle of the class. Raise your hands before asking questions.

7) Be Diligent

Finally, don’t forget to be consistent in your efforts while improving yourmaths skills. You can use many resources like watching YouTube videos, buying textbooks, and joining online communities. By being consistent, you can improve more of your skills and overcome your anxiety when solving maths problems. Finally, you can say that: I’m also good at maths as long as I practise it.

By being diligent, you also need to attend your classes in the O math tuition centre with perfect attendance. This way, you can show your eagerness to learn the subject and improve your overall performance. Another thing to remember is that diligently practising can make your skills more refined and effective.


Anyone can solve maths! Regardless if you want to pursue it as a career or a student. Now, start attending classes from CalibreMath, secondary math tuition in Singapore for people who wish to improve their skills. Visit their website to check their class schedule.

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